Christmas Sweaters: 5 Reasons Why You Need One

Christmas Sweaters: 5 Reasons Why You Need One

As far as festive garb goes, the Christmas sweater stands out as the number one indicator of somebody who loves to leave cookies and milk for Santa. Keep in mind: a holiday sweater has a contagious effect. People see how awesome your sweater is and they wonder if the one they have is as impressive. It’s a privilege to have a sweater that’s dedicated to a specific time of year. Although you can wear it beyond just Christmas Day, it holds that designated space in your wardrobe. You might wear it to each holiday party, or when you’re out caroling. It’s your Christmas sweater and it’s a treasure to have. Here are five reasons why you’ll cherish yours:

A Holiday Sweater is Perfect for Socializing

Imagine showing up to an office party and you’re the only one wearing a Christmas sweater. It’s the 20th of December and you just assumed that would be okay. You get a few looks and that’s about it. Nobody is going to ask why you’re the only one wearing a Christmas sweater because they see the Christmas decorations around the office and likely feel the spirit of Christmas in the air.

Now, imagine going to a party where everybody else is wearing holiday sweaters. You’re the only one who seems to stray from the pack. You now have to explain yourself for the rest of the party (“I forgot which dry cleaner I left it at” or “as a matter of fact, I think you’re wearing my holiday sweater!”) These sound like bad holiday dreams but a Christmas sweater is the most socially adaptable sweater to have during the holidays.

You Can be a Holiday Sweater Superhero

When you get yourself the perfect Christmas sweater you don’t have to get another. You wear that one out as much as you want. The whole month of December you might keep that sweater in your bag in case you get invited to an impromptu holiday party. You could be like Clark Kent and when somebody says “Christmas” you rip your button-up shirt to reveal YOUR CHRISTMAS SWEATER! Maybe not, that seems obnoxious. But if you did it once, the head of the company might remember your name.

The Hybrid Holiday Sweater

Christmas sweaters are great to have beyond December. The wacky, fun sweaters with Christmas trees, reindeer, and all things goofy might be best for those holiday parties and casual December weekends, but there are less emblematic holiday sweaters that you can bring with you onward into the New Year. That’s why it’s best to have both a designated holiday party sweater and a casual holiday sweater. They each have their own perks, but you’ll get a lot more use out of your less wackadoodle holiday sweaters. There’s no rule about not wearing green and red after January 1st, so you don’t have to treat your sweaters like white pants after labor day (which to be fair, is not enforced…who made these rules?) You might even find yourself wearing your Christmas sweater on a cool night in July.

Holiday Sweaters are Filled with Memories

Every time you pick out that sweater it will remind you of the time you’ve already spent wearing it. It won’t smell like the cheap Christmas fragrances that come off in the wash. It won’t make you feel tacky. It feels like Christmas and it warms you up just the way the holidays do. You’ll think of the whole family, your favorite Christmas recipes, the music, the cheer: all of it. Why not summarize the whole holiday experience in a sweater that shows it so well?

The Holiday Sweater Lasts Long Enough to Become a Tradition

Holiday sweaters get warmer and softer with each passing Christmas. A well-treated sweater should last longer than any of us would even expect it to. It’s this long-lasting quality that binds us together with our clothing. When we put the previous four reasons together, this sweater will be as much a part of the family as the family dog. Especially since the dog has its own Christmas sweater. Wanting Christmas to go on and on beyond the holidays is a feeling that begins at the moment you start gathering all the wrapping paper. Then you start taking down the ornaments and lights…eventually the tree. But your sweater is there waiting for you when you come back next year, and within it, it has that Christmas comfort tucked away for whenever you really need it.


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