Why Custom Monogrammed Beach Towels Will Rock Your World

Why Custom Monogrammed Beach Towels Will Rock Your World

If you love the beach (and who doesn’t?), you know the importance of a great beach towel. Let’s look at why custom monogrammed beach towels are on a whole other level. They will rock your world.

Whose is Whose?

One of the best advantages of a custom monogrammed beach towel is the most obvious. At Lands’ End, you can choose a single letter monogram, your initials, or a word to make your beach towel fun and unique. If you are out with friends at the beach, it is easy to spot your own beach towel. Even if the colors or designs are similar, yours will be custom-made with your monogram.

Color Coding

For family members with the same initials (yes, we mean you parents who name your kids by the same letter—lol), consider color-coding family beach towels in addition to having them monogrammed. This will make spotting them from a distance easy and help to promote family harmony to keep those great beach days great.

It can be fun to coordinate your swimsuit with your beach towel. You can do this with a solid-colored beach towel that coordinates or matches your suit, or perhaps vertical or horizontal stripes that pick up a color in your suit. Throw on a gorgeous pair of shades and you have a stylish beach ensemble.

Always Available

If you have an active lifestyle with respect to water sports (or just love lounging in the sun when you get the chance), consider keeping your favorite beach towel handy in your car. They are great for pool days, beach days, picnics, and more. They can even double as stadium blankets in a pinch.

Most of us keep safety items in our cars like jumper cables, a blanket in winter, or the number for roadside assistance. Why not keep a canvas tote bag in your car with summer fun necessities like sunscreen, water bottles, a great book, a frisbee, and beach towels? We should be prepared for enjoyment when the opportunity strikes, not just for emergencies.

Great for Travel

There are few additions to a travel bag or a tote bag for a road trip that is as practical as your own beach towel. You can enjoy it with the sand and the surf when you get to your destination, but in the meantime, you can also use it as a makeshift blanket, pillow, or to catch spills. From aggressive air conditioning to poorly designed seats, your monogrammed beach towel will keep you cozy in style. The right beach towel can even be a full-length blanket for your little ones.

So Stylish

Whether you like solids, stripes, tie-dye, or whimsical designs, Lands’ End has you covered when it comes to beach towels. If you can dream it up, chances are we have it—and then you can customize it on top of that for the finishing touch.

If you love summer, chances are you have two or more swimsuits in your wardrobe. From the iconic one-piece to tankinis to swim dresses, variety is fun! Not only that, but if you have a swimwear collection, you can always count on having a swimsuit that is dry, clean, and ready to go. The same philosophy applies to beach towels. An extra beach towel will make it that much easier to ensure that one won’t be in the wash right when you want one.

Instant Swim Cover Up

One of the best parts about a great beach towel is that it is also an instant swim cover-up. Whether you throw it over your shoulders or wear it more like a sarong, it will give you instant warmth and coverage when you want it. There are few things as comfy as getting out of a swimming pool and wrapping up in your favorite beach towel.

If you prefer a traditional beach cover-up, no worries, your beach towel will still be there when you need it to keep you warm and dry.

Instant Beach Blanket

Pair a couple (or more) of our beach towels together and you have a de facto beach blanket. This can also help to “stake your claim” if yours is a popular beach with plenty of people who want to soak up the sun or just enjoy the company of family or friends. Beach blankets are great for everything from sunning to playing cards to reading a book to having a good space to come back to when you are done playing in the water. You can also cozy up by a beach bonfire with them when the sun goes down and enjoy some great social time. The best conversations always seem to happen around campfires and bonfires.

Have a great summer with your custom monogrammed beach towels!


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