Why Cashmere Makes the Best Gift

Why Cashmere Makes the Best Gift

Gift-giving during the holidays can bring out the best in each of us. There’s something really special about finding that perfect gift for someone you care about. Watching them unwrap a present that you know is of the highest quality is something magical. A gorgeous cashmere sweater or hat makes for an ideal gift because it promises the deliver delicacy and warmth, which is what the holidays are all about.

Cashmere wool is a beautifully spun yarn from goat hair that is naturally water-resistant. It’s part of the inner layer of hair that keeps those adorable goats warm all winter long. It’s considered one of the most high-end clothing fibers due to its incredible softness. Good for you; it’s also available to keep your loved ones just as cozy through the coldest time of year. Read on for more reasons to buy cashmere for your friends and family this holiday season.


Wintertime boasts all different sorts of warm fabrics, from chunky wool outer layers to silk base layers and even merino wool medium-weight items. Of course, each fabric has its benefits. But the quality of cashmere comes from the way the hair is collected. Our cashmere turtleneck is made from the most luxurious fibers sourced in Mongolia where the hair is combed, not shorn, for maximum softness. The combing also reduces pilling and provides the key luxury factor.

If your loved one isn’t a fan of turtlenecks, turn to a cashmere sweater for women. Cashmere is best known in sweater form, and we’ve got lots to choose from. Check out the V-neck oversized sweater in either the blue Donegal or the neutral color block. Or sometimes a classic red or navy is a great option because it will stand the test of trends and time. After all, what’s better than gifting something that you know is the highest caliber? You’ll feel confident offering a true Mongolian cashmere-spun item, and the appreciation will make it all worth it.


The best part about cashmere is that it doesn’t look over the top. The only person who will know how luxurious it is will be the person wearing it (well, aside from you). It’s kind of like cashmere’s secret ingredient: quality and versatility. A form-fitting turtleneck or a draped sweater will always pair well with a pair of our high-rise jeans. If you go for a darker wash, the look will read a bit more formal, especially if you throw on a pair of heeled boots. If you choose a lighter wash, a cashmere sweater with some funky sneakers and a pom-pom hat will say “weekend vibes” in a snap. A cocoon sweater in our cashmere

Cashmere accessories are great gifts as well because they can be less style-specific and can be matched with essentially any outer layer. A delicate but warm cashmere knit hat or pair of gloves can go a long way. Our men’s cashmere hats offer monogramming, so you can make it even more personalized. The classic black men’s scarf means the man in your life will always have the option for softness near his face—he’ll surely think of you every time he puts it on. And if you want to pick up one of our silky soft women’s scarves for yourself while you’re at it, we wouldn’t blame you.

These smaller cashmere accessories are easy for your loved one to keep in their bag or in the car or just hang on the coat rack near the door. It’s a gift that’s as easy to give as it is to cherish.


Because of cashmere’s lightweight warmth and breathability, it’s no surprise that it ranks high in softness too. Unlike other kinds of wool, it’s a delight to wear against your skin and doesn’t require any under layers (though we’re not stopping you). As a gift, it’s all-in-one. For your sportier friends, go for a crew neck cashmere sweater in a bold rust red or teal heather. It’s a great base for a women’s winter vest. Because of the sweater’s undeniable softness and wearability, it’s easy to layer a vest for those outdoor outings under snowfall.

If you’re buying for someone a little more rugged, go for a puffer down vest so they can tackle any outdoor adventure. A lighter-weight fleece vest works just as great for a dinner out or a hot tea by the fire. The quilted down vest comes in with a diamond stitch pattern and a hood which straddles the line between sport and casual.

Softness isn’t just for clothing. Our stunning cashmere and wool blend throw blankets make an ideal gift for the person who’s impossible to shop for. No matter their décor or interior style, no one will say no to a cozy blanket. They’re delicately woven and are easy to store when the warmer weather hits. The African violet or Merlot is an especially gorgeous holiday jewel tone to check out.

Cashmere is this season’s favorite fabric trend. But its staying power is strong because softness never goes out of style. Gift the best in cashmere to those you love this holiday season.


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