Why You Should Buy a Packable Jacket This Winter

Why You Should Buy a Packable Jacket This Winter

The packable jacket is among the most practical pieces out there. Think of it as your dream garment — the type of outerwear that you’ve always imagined but never quite realized you needed. Once you own one, though, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. More than just comfortable outerwear that keeps you toasty when you need it the most, it’s just plain convenient.

There’s almost nothing else like it out there. But what is it that makes it so special? Turns out this humble topper offers an enormous range of benefits. Some are obvious, and others might not be as clear at a glance. Here’s why you should make one — or more! — a key part of your cool-weather wardrobe.

A Packable Jacket Offers Considerable Warmth

You might not realize it by looking at it, but that packable jacket has the potential to keep you as warm and cozy as anything heavyweight. It all comes down to its insulation, or the material that helps trap body heat without sacrificing your comfort. Locking in heat ensures that you stay warm when the winds pick up and the temperatures drop. Packable down coats are a phenomenal example of the type of outerwear that marries comfort and convenience. They’re substantial, yet don’t feel or look voluminous. In short, they won’t weigh you down, and you’ll love how it instantly elevates your comfort levels when it’s brisk outside.

Pay attention to the jacket’s fill power, too. This is an indication of its loftiness. A greater fill power equates to a fluffier jacket that keeps you even warmer. It essentially conveys its ability to hold on to warmth and insulate your body from the outside world. All that in a jacket that wraps right up and folds into its own pocket? It’s almost unheard of, which is what makes your packable companion such a formidable addition to your wardrobe.

It Makes Life Easier

Bottom line: We all want to make life easier however and wherever we can. Convenience is king in this fast-paced world that constantly finds us looking for new ways to save time, money, and space. And packable jackets do exactly that. There’s something so inherently intelligent about a piece of outerwear that folds into its own pocket. Tucking it away in a drawer next to your winter accessories or in your glove compartment is just an easy way to maintain a more organized life.

Saving room is of the essence when you travel, too. Whether you’re headed somewhere with the family and don’t want to take up an inordinate amount of room in the suitcase or you’d rather not be lumbered by a big coat when you’re at the airport or on the train, a packable jacket is simply essential. Even the loftiest of coats can be folded to barely discernable size, a big bonus if you’re traveling from a cold climate to a warm one or vice versa. You may not need it the entire time, but you’ll sure be glad it’s there — in as discreet a way as possible.

It Elevates Your Style

Think something as practical as a packable jacket isn’t stylish? Think again. The beauty of this style isn’t just in its sensibility, but also its versatility. There are options for every occasion and outfit. Grab a packable women’s winter vest when you need a lightweight layer to throw on over a long-sleeve top. They’re great for everything from game days to weekend getaways. You never know when you’ll need that extra piece, and vests look great over everything from flannel shirts to turtlenecks.

Prefer something sleeker and more refined? You’ve got options there, too. You’ll find long, lean, lightweight down coats that pack right up with the ease of a jacket. Some styles fall somewhere in the middle, from casual barn coats that feature quilted finishes to effortless parkas just made to stand up to heavy gusts of wind and wet weather. That these jackets perform their duties with the same efficiency as those that don’t pack up at all is huge. They’re not just practical for the season, but also highly convenient.

It’s Easy to Wear

They’re lightweight and they’re easy to compress. Where else does packable outerwear stand out? In the fashion realm, of course. You can wear yours in so many ways. Throw it on with a pair of skinny jeans and wedge booties for a cool, effortlessly casual look. Or slip into warmer pants on a cooler day.

Or layer a lightweight vest or jacket over a turtleneck when you need some warmth but don’t necessarily require a heavy coat. Try them with leggings and a tunic. Want to wear a longer coat with a dress? Easy. Pull on a pair of tights and boots to warm up your outfit.

You have countless options where this easy winter companion is concerned. Whether you keep it in your car at all times or have it handy in your office desk or on your business trips, you’ll never regret making the versatile packable jacket a key part of your wardrobe.


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