Why Backpacks Make the Best Sleepover Bags

Why Backpacks Make the Best Sleepover Bags

Your kids might be at the age where they’re beginning to ask if they can spend the night at their friends’ house. If that’s the case, they’re going to need to bring a few things for a successful sleepover. A night away from home can be a little scary for some kids, especially when they’re going to their first sleepover (despite the excitement of getting to hang out with their friends at their house!). So, packing things that will bring them comfort is a great idea. When putting together an overnight bag for your kids, think beyond letting them borrow your old duffle bag … backpacks make the best sleepover bags! Here’s a list of things to encourage them to bring on an overnight with their friends.

1. Toothbrush and toothpaste – stick them in a little plastic baggie or put a toothbrush cover on and put them in the zippered front pocket of their backpack. You won’t be there to remind them to do it before bed, but hopefully they’ll remember when it has its own special place in their bag. Tip: pack the backpack with them before they go so they know exactly where everything is when they go to look for things.

2. Pajamas – their pajamas will fit in the main compartment great. Let them pick their favorite ones because slumber parties are all about the jammies for kids! If the usual pjs might leave the kiddos a little chilly during night-time play time, pack a kids’ robe for them to throw on when needed.

3. Stuffed animal – if your kid has a special stuffed animal they sleep with every night and they feel like they want to take it with them to the sleepover, put it in the main compartment with their pajamas. That way, when they get ready for bed, they’ll be comforted when they see their stuffed animal there with them. If they feel like they don’t need it, that’s okay, too. But, try reminding them it’s okay if it will make them feel more secure.

4. Outfit for the next day – Depending on what time you’ll be picking them up the next day or when they might be getting dropped off back at home, it will be nice to have a change of clothes to wear instead of keeping their jammies on. Don’t forget a pair of underwear, too! Communicate with your kids’ parents to see if they have any plans for what the kids’ might be doing at the sleepover or the next day. Maybe they’ll need a pair of boy’s swim trunks for the pool or a kids' winter jacket if it’s colder out and they’re planning to do something outside.

5. Snacks to share – It’s always nice to send your kids with something to bring to the sleepover as a thank you to their friends and their family. If there’s room in the main compartments of the backpack, put a bag of chips or popcorn to share in there, too. A bag of candy would work as well.

It will be super easy for them to carry all of their stuff from the car to the front door of their friends house in their backpack. They can just put it on their back and head off for the night (but first, they’ll give you a hug and say goodbye, right?). There’re a few things that probably won’t fit in their backpack, so they may have to carry a pillow and a sleeping bag if they need it. But everything else should fit in their backpack. Plus, they’ll be able to show off whatever cool color or patterned backpack they’ve picked out. And before you know it, they’ll be back in your arms and will have so many stories to tell you about their super-fun sleepover!


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