Why a Boho Style Is Perfect for Your Bedroom

Why a Boho Style Is Perfect for Your Bedroom

Whether your bedroom needs a refresh or you’re looking to redecorate, you’ve likely come across or even considered the idea of a boho aesthetic. The boho style is all about finding a balance between character, like souvenirs from your travels and some vintage items, and comfort, with peaceful earth tones and cozy touches. This balance is part of what makes it perfect for any room of your house, especially your bedroom. You want your bedroom to be a calming, comfy, and aesthetically pleasing space, and the boho style is an easy and effective way to achieve all of that.

It’s definitely possible to build off whatever vibe or decor you already have going on in your bedroom to bring some boho hints into this oh-so-important room, or you can go all in and redecorate entirely. No matter which route you decide to take, the destination will be an inviting space where you’ll love to wake up every morning. Read on for some tips, suggestions, and even more reasons why the boho style is perfect for your next bedroom upgrade.

Because It’s Comfy

Your bedroom should always be the comfiest room of your house (sorry, living rooms, it is what it is!). A calm, comfortable space is essential to getting restful sleep, relaxing with a book in bed, and having a space to escape any hectic feelings from your day. So when it comes to choosing a decor for your bedroom that promotes these peaceful vibes, boho is definitely the way to go. And, of course, the first place to start when adding touches of comfort to your room is the bed.

To give your bed a boho makeover, start with soft linen sheet sets in a shade like dreamy, lived-in chambray blue or earthy flax. The boho aesthetic is all about playing around with materials and mixing different textures to create dynamic yet cozy spaces, so you’ll want to ensure you’re opting for a duvet cover in a different fabric, like cotton. The best shades and patterns to fit within the boho look are floral or paisley, earthy hues like sage, or bright shades like marigold.

When we say that the boho style is all about comfort, we mean seriously cozy spaces. So, to get your bed up to a boho standard, don’t forget to add lots of throw pillows and throw blankets. Remember to mix textures, patterns, and shades to create a sleep space that’s both cozy and reflective of the eclectic boho aesthetic!

Because It’s a Reflection of Your Tastes

One of the things we love most about boho decor is that there are no strict rules while there are guidelines. Boho is short for bohemian, after all, so redecorating your bedroom in a boho style should also include your own personal and unique touches. Display souvenirs from your travels on wicker or rattan shelves, opt for picture or print frames in a variety of materials and colors and add details like scented candles and soft lighting (paper lanterns work great!). The idea here is to make sure that your decor and experiences are shining through as you decorate.

A great addition to any boho-inspired bedroom is a full bookshelf. In addition to having as many books as you can on display, save room for framed photos, small plants, vintage mirrors, and trinket dishes or nesting trays.

While this decor style is all about expressing yourself, you’ll want to store away certain things, as is true with any bedroom setup. Opt for storage solutions that reflect this style, like seagrass baskets and rattan or bamboo bins or cabinets.

Because It’s Easy

Another reason why the boho style is perfect for your bedroom is that it’s so easy to achieve. Like we said above, this aesthetic is definitely not about being perfect, and it also doesn’t require an entire overhaul of your space to pull off. You can start by making small changes, like swapping out a plastic laundry hamper for a seagrass or woven one, adding lots of plants to your space (keep in mind that if you have pets, you’ll want to ensure you’re buying non-toxic plants), and upgrading your pillowcases can make all of the difference.

You can also add small furniture pieces like floor poufs or ottomans and small woven area rugs. These updates and additions can easily transform your bedroom without breaking the bank or requiring too much heavy lifting (literally and figuratively!).

Having a decor style that promotes comfort and tranquility, reflects your own unique eye, and is easy to achieve certainly sounds like a great option to us! We hope that with these tips and suggestions, you’ll be drifting into boho bliss in no time.


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