White Sands: The Perfect Beaches to Visit this Summer & What to Bring with You

White Sands: The Perfect Beaches to Visit this Summer & What to Bring with You

There are some activities that everyone puts on a "Things to Do This Summer" dream list. A classic item is a visit to the beach. Another is to travel around, either domestically or internationally. Why not combine the two and travel to a beautiful beach location? Seaside destinations abound, with some being famous and others being an area's best-kept secret. Discover different destinations you will want to travel to this summer and what you should bring with you when you go.

Hanalei Bay

Hawaii is a beautiful state with beautiful beaches everywhere, so it makes sense to start here when talking about destinations. Technically domestic, Hawaii is a special state that gives you a taste of the tropical. Located on the smaller island of Kaui is Hanalei Bay. Full of calm aquamarine waters surrounded by lush mountains reaching around to hold the sea, Hanalei Bay is on the north side of the island and one of the lesser known, though no less lovely, beach locations. Bring along a stand-up paddleboard to venture out on the tranquil ocean. Remember to look back and enjoy the peaceful view from your special seaside vantage point.

El Matador State Beach

Moving east from Hawaii, we come to California on the mainland. This state is known for its varied coastline, but one can't pass up Malibu when looking for memorable beaches. El Matador State Beach is located against sandstone cliffs and dotted with interesting rock formations, including sea arches. It is exposed at low tide and covered during high tide, so make sure you pay attention. Play in the waves or climbs the cliffs to appreciate the gorgeous horizon. Bring along a camera to capture the stunning sunset through the rock formations. And pack water shoes so that you can climb the rocks below and walk the cliffs above this delightful part of California's coast.

Sanibel Island

We can't leave the States without mentioning Florida. On the other side of the country from California is another classic beach destination. While Florida has a lot of coast that borders the exotic Caribbean, Sanibel Island on the Florida Gulf is worth a second look. If you have a family with children and are looking to stay domestic, this might be your place! With white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and small-town vibes, this location is also famous for the different seashells that can be found along a beach walk. Bring along a beach bag tote to hold and protect all the special seaside souvenirs you find. Have fun on your explorations!

Cala Llombards

Crossing the Atlantic, we come to a gorgeous little cove in the south of Spain in Majorca. A long, thin swatch is cut into the land, creating a magnificent strip of ocean edged by rugged cliff faces and beautiful old stone houses that wind their way up the ridges. Charming stone walkways are cut into bluffs, giving you another angle from which to view the azure waters splashing against white gold sands. If you want to liven things up a bit, cliff jumping is quite popular here, with ladders available to help you climb your way up to your preferred take-off spot. Bring swim trunks or long board shorts with a waist tie so that you don't lose your suit when you hit the water!

Shipwreck Beach

Moving over the Mediterranean Sea, we come to Zakynthos, Greece, the location of Shipwreck Beach. Only accessible by boat, this sweet little cove is surrounded by white cliffs topped with green foliage. The name of this beach was changed to Shipwreck beach when the ship the Navagio wrecked on its shores. The Navagio can still be seen in all its mysterious wonder. It looks as if it is rising from the sand. This destination is also home to the Zakynthos Marine Park, with plenty of marine life and underwater caves available for exploration. Bring along those goggles and flippers so you can see for yourself.

Hyams Beach

Our last stop takes us around the world and returns us to the Pacific Ocean with Hyams Beach on the southwestern coast of Australia in New South Wales. Pine forests grow next to sparkling white sands made of fine quartz pieces that stretch for 2.8 kilometers along lovely playful wave lines. Idyllic and perfect for photos, take the time to rest and relax on this beach. Bring a beach towel and some sunscreen so you can enjoy the scenery without worrying about getting too sandy or too sunburnt.

Now that you know what's out there, decide which beach is the one you will travel to this summer!


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