White and Cream Winter Wonderland Bedroom

White and cream winter wonderland bedroom

Offsetting the bold reds and greens that are so classic and ubiquitous in winter décor, we love creams and winter whites as the crisp neutral tones for the colder months. Winter white – which tends to be softer than summer's starker whites, like an ecru or eggshell – is a great foundation on which to build your winter interior scheme.

We also love how shades of cream and winter white bring a little of the snow-covered landscape inside, and they help us get in that winter spirit. Winter whites are perfect for your bedroom design, and make your bedroom feel like an absolute winter wonderland. However, with a little help from some well-chosen pieces, your bedroom will be way warmer and cozier than it is outside!

Work from the ground up

Think about your winter white bedroom from all angles, and make your foundation solid (and white). A white rug, perhaps with some texture or a few accented stripes, would be a great place to start. Place one by your bed on hardwood floors to avoid cold toes first thing in the morning.

White or cream curtains would make nice accents to this arrangement. You might also consider a classic light blue for your curtains, which would mimic the sky on a clear winter day against snowfall. This winter we love lighter, gauzy fabrics that keep things light and flowy.

The bed: picking all the pieces

Build your bed set like you would an outfit: one layer at a time. Our great unsung hero is the mattress pad, which you may not see in the final arrangement, but you'll definitely feel the difference once it's there. Mattress pads provide a little extra comfort and cushion, but they also help protect your mattress while keeping your nighttime temperature regulated.

While we have a great assortment of bed sheets here at Lands' End, there's not much that can beat flannel sheets for winter. Whether you choose our 5oz. or 6oz. flannels, velvet flannel or our new organic cotton flannel sheets, you'll love how soft and cozy they feel. Color options like Eggshell and Egret keep you in the just-off-white range you're looking for. For an extra personalized touch, you might consider monogrammed sheets with your name or initials.

Once you have the base layers picked out, it's time for your bed's topper. You may want to choose a warm and fluffy down comforter, which would provide the best insulation in winter. However, if you prefer to change out your duvet covers seasonally, a white or patterned cover might work nicely here. Our favorites this year feature accented embroidery or cane weave patterns around the edges.

Finishing touches with throw pillows

You can always include some extra touches. At Lands' End we offer an array of seasonal home accents, including plenty of white and off-white throw pillows. You might also choose some natural birch wood accents like our birch wood candles, a symbol of new life and rejuvenation in the winter.

Choosing seasonal elements for your décor is a great way of helping you feel more in the holiday mood, or to create a haven from the craziness of the holiday season. You're just a few steps away from a classic cream and winter white bedroom, white like a blanket of snow – but this blanket is sure to keep you warm and cozy.

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