Which Yoga Pants are Best for Different Activities?

Which Yoga Pants Are Best For Different Activities?

Whether you consider yourself an “athletic” person or not, everyone has some sort of exercise that speaks to them. Personally, when it comes to staying active I prefer to mix it up and try new things – which sort of makes me an expert on which yoga pants are best for different activities. If you're looking to switch up your fitness routine and need some new athletic wear to go along with it, keep reading for a few of my suggestions on what to wear to keep comfortable while getting fit.

Best Yoga Pants for Running:

A common misconception about running as a workout is that you have to be fast. Not true. You could be marathon-level fast or go at more of a walk/jog pace. Either way you'll be making your body stronger and healthier than if you'd never picked up the pace at all. But, wherever you are on your fitness journey, one thing is for certain: the clothes you wear help you get where you're going. One of my favorite pairs of active pants to wear on a jog or intense run is the Lands' End Women's Active Hybrid Leggings. Not only are they made from that wicking fabric I love that ensures I'll stay cool and dry no matter how much I sweat but they're a type of hybrid compression tights – which means they're made to stay up and stay in place no matter how fast I run. Plus, HELLO, they have pockets. Perfect for holding my essentials when I'm working on a healthier me. Oh, and their flatlock seams resist chafing. A very important feature when you're going the distance.

Best Yoga Pants for Walking:

If I'm being honest, I've always been partial to long walks (beach not required). There's just something super satisfying and relaxing about exploring a city or wooded trail on foot, taking in the scenery while getting a workout. For those days that are just made for walking I prefer to wear my Women's Active 5 Pocket Pants. The thing I love about these pants is that the fabric has just enough stretch to feel tailored but not tight or restrictive. Then there's the fabric. Yes, moisture wicking but also antimicrobial, so I'm always feeling fresh no matter where the day's adventures take me. Also, UPF 50 protection. Yeah, these pants have you covered for the great outdoors.

Best Yoga Pants for, Well, Yoga:

Whether you dig downward dog, child's pose or warrior stance you'll want a yoga pant with a soft, stretch fabric and a wide elastic waist that sits comfortably on your waist without a bulky drawstring but wide enough to keep you covered. Personally I like reaching my Zen potential in a pair of Women's Active Capri Yoga Pants but no doubt you'll achieve the same inner peace with the regular length Active Yoga Pants as well. Both wick moisture to pull sweat away from your body keeping you dry no matter how long you hold the pose.

Best Yoga Pants for Pilates:

If you're not familiar with Pilates think of it as yoga's stronger, more intense, cousin. Basically, it shares some of the same principles and goals as yoga but focuses more on strengthening muscles and lengthening the body. Lands' End Women's High Waisted Yoga Pants offer maximum hold for high intensity activities like mat or machine Pilates classes so you can stay focused on achieving perfect Pilates posture instead of worrying about if your pants are falling down while you crunch out a Pilates 100.

Best Yoga Pants for Lounging:

Finally, the most enjoyable part of any exercise is the part that comes after it's over. You know, relaxing on the couch binge watching anything on Netflix while you pat yourself on the back for a workout well done. When it comes to lounging in comfortable style I prefer lounge pants that are lightweight, soft and comfy like the Women's Active Knit Jogger pants. Complete with side pockets and a flattering narrow leg opening you'll love how easy they are to wear – or maybe you'll hate how hard it is to take them off. Not sure. But I think it's a gamble worth taking.

Staying fit is no easy feat, but it can get a lot easier when you have the right activewear keeping you moving. Don't waste another workout feeling uncomfortable. Shop landsend.com today for yoga pants fit for your active lifestyle.

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