Which Snow Boots Are the Best for Different Kinds of Weather

Which Snow Boots Are the Best for Different Kinds of Weather?

Just as there is more than one type of snowy weather, there is more than one type of snow boot. But which pair should be worn when there are a couple of flakes on the ground? And what’s the best bet when facing an all-out nor’easter? Not all winter snow boots or winter clothes are made equally, so we’ve profiled a few of our favorites below to ensure that you won’t be left out in the cold.

All-Weather Boots

Yes, the name is a hint. Our all-weather snow boots have an upper made from weather-friendly suede and a quilted pattern that pops. That’s the kind of winter style that can withstand a dusting of snow or a step in a puddle.

But looks aren’t the only thing going for the all-weather boot. It has a fleece lining and thermal insulation, which helps keep feet warm on the coldest of cold days or even in the midst of a blizzard.

No matter the weather, you’ll want boots that are easy to pull on and take off. That’s where our women’s all-weather insulated winter snow boots come in. These boots will be your winter weather partner through any kind of snowy or slushy day, from rich caramel to black suede. They’re available in medium and wide sizes. You can even get them personalized by selecting the Make It Personal option before adding it to your bag.

Bottom line: The all-weather boots are an easy pull-on option for everyday winter wear that can also stand up to whatever old man winter throws your way.

Duck Boots

Duck boots have become such a beloved staple of American style that it’s easy to forget that function predated form. A rubber shell gives it total waterproof power, allowing you to step through even the slushiest of puddles and not change your socks later. Its tall leather shaft provides excellent coverage, keeping errant flurries and raindrops out of your waterproof boots.

The fact that it’s unlined makes it easy to wear with thick socks for extra toastiness, and light insulation ups the warmth factor further. While these should be your go-to for freezing rain, sleet storms, and any time streets turn to slush, they’re not built for the most frigid winters unless you upgrade to the insulated version. Insulated duck boots were made for frozen lakes and trails.

If you want duck boots with a bit of style, you’ll love our women’s insulated flannel-lined ankle duck boots. Available in hazelnut or black, these boots have a waterproof rubber upper, leather shaft, and padded neoprene collar. The lace-up front lets you adjust the fit while the heel pulls for an easy-on and easy-off.

Squall Snow Boots

There are some winter scenarios, like shoveling out your car in your women’s winter parka after a record snowfall or walking to the grocery store before the plows come, that doesn’t leave room for messing around. When those days arrive, our women’s squall insulated winter snow boots have your back (or, more appropriately, feet).

A waterproof rubber shell, a tall suede upper, and 400-gram insulation make this a waterproof winter boot that can be submerged in snow yet stay warm. Importantly, channeled treads on the sole prevent ice slips. It may be harsh outside, but these boots will have your feet feeling cozy on the inside. Few things are as terrible as the feeling of stepping into a wintery puddle only to feel all of that cold water seep through your shoe and socks. That’s why this shoe has a molded rubber lower shell and sole. Plus, a flexible shell and quilted upper allow for natural walking.

And that faux fur lining on top? It never hurts to have a little fun—especially for a boot, you can take sledding.

What to Pair With Your Snow Boots

Our snow boots are made for trekking through rain, snow, and hail. They’re your trusty companions even through the most rigorous of winter days. Now that you have some ideas of what boots to choose from this season, you’ll need to figure out which winter clothes work best with our boots. If you need boots for the little ones in your life, be sure to check out our entire collection of kids’ snow boots. Need shoes for him? Look no further than our men’s boots.

Winter clothes and high-quality layers can be an investment, but that doesn’t mean they have to be super expensive. The good news is that any of our snow boots easily pair with just about anything else in your everyday winter wardrobe. If you don’t already have thermal underwear or are unsure where to start, then let’s start with the basics. Whether you’re headed to the slopes or just looking for extra warmth for your commute, you’ll want long underwear for the chilliest of winter days. Thermal pants and thermal tops act as base layers underneath your main clothes.

Layers can make or break your winter experience. Having a good-quality base layer will increase your overall body temperature. For a little functional fashion, you’ll love our women’s silk interlock thermal pants base layer long underwear leggings. It comes in solid-color favorites like black and mesa rose. They come in a wide variety of sizes from XS to XL and with petite and plus-size options as well. Made out of 100% silk, they’re warm by nature by holding in body heat and naturally wicking away any moisture.

On top of the thermal layers, you can wear long-sleeve turtlenecks, flannel long-sleeve shirts, or fleece tops. Turtlenecks are a timelessly chic option. For a modern twist, try any of our mock turtlenecks. Flannel shirts and flannel pajamas are quintessential winter wear. Fleece tops are oh-so-cozy for chilly nights, like our women’s long-sleeve sherpa fleece sweatshirt. It comes in fun patterns like a deep-sea navy multi stripe. The cozy sherpa fleece will keep the shivers away. It’s lightweight and super soft. Not to mention those functional on-seam pockets.

Top it all off with any of our women’s winter coats. Take a look at our women’s ultra-lightweight packable down coat with a hood. It has a water-resistant shell and lining and is insulated with 800-fill power RDS HyperDry™ down. It’s warmth with a light touch, so packable that it can fold into its own pocket. From down coats to puffers to winter parkas, you’re sure to find the perfect outerwear to effortlessly pair with your new favorite snow boots.


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