Which Jeans Fit my Body? Find the Jeans that Work Best for You

What Jeans Fit My Body Type? Find The Jeans That Work Best for You

Before we get ourselves all dreamy and distracted by those vibrant Lands' End colorful jeans rolling out this season, let's take a look at some shape basics. Whether your shape is rectangle, round, triangle, or banana, apple, pear, we are constantly looking for jeans to fit well and to accentuate our positive features. We're petite, shapely, angular, with hips and a round butt, and dotted with personalized adjectives that tend to define our size, but not our minds. How do you put this internal conversation to good use? Are you the low-rise jeans body type or does high rise suit you better? We'll show you some basic tips on finding the perfect pair of jeans.

The jeans best for your body give you a return on your investment, not a return receipt. You want the right cut, length, and most importantly you want them to fit from your waist to your hips, from your thighs down to your ankles. Put it all together and you have your go-to jeans. That being said, let's break it down by body type, in no particular order, and no particular bias: everybody's got something and we want to make sure you get your fit the way we get ours.

What Jeans Fit My Body Type? For Rectangle or Banana Shapes.

If you have a rectangle shape, then your waist and hips have around the same measurements. This can immediately prompt the question, “what types of jeans fit my body”? Overall, you may want women's jeans that won't "box you in." Just about any jeans style works for you, but there are a few you might like more than others. As for waist shapes, you can work just about any: mid-rise, not too low-rise, or high-rise jeans - choose whatever makes you feel most confident and comfortable.

Regarding leg shapes, start with bootcut jeans to give you the illusion of more curves, but don't feel limited. A slim leg or skinny will work just as well. Pair your jeans with a shorter, looser-fitting top or blouse with a peplum flare to create movement. Try the long-over-lean idea, with tunics over a slim leg for more of the same. Belts in a contrasting color can help give the illusion of curves to your straighter shape, too.

Apple or Round Shape: What Jeans Are Best for My Body Type?

Apple body types typically have full busts with broad shoulders and a waist that is slightly narrower than the hips. The best advice is to concentrate on your middle ground. Waist placement is key here. For comfort, you might want to opt for a mid-rise or high waist. But as always, anything that makes you feel amazing will make you look amazing.

Your waist should fit snug enough to give you shape and smoothness without squeezing you too tightly. Apple shapes tend to be slimmer through the hips and legs, so play that to your advantage. You'll look amazing in skinny jeans paired with a flowy tunic top. If you want to wear your shirts tucked in, look for straight-leg jeans in a mid-rise in a darker rinse.

What are the best jeans for my body type — for Pear or Triangle Bodies.

Women with fuller hips, bottoms, and thighs but are smaller above the waist can wear most jeans styles with ease. If you're new to trying alternative jean styles and want to build a little confidence, start with straight leg jeans in dark washes. The darker hue minimizes the lower half of your body to balance with your smaller top half. If you opt for colorful jeans, keep the bottom color darker than your top for balance. Well-fitting tops in bright colors or snappy patterns also pull the eye up. This will bring more volume to your upper half and create more balance with your figure. You can also wear skinny jeans like a pro when you follow the same tips. If you like to keep your hips covered but feel like a tunic is too boxy, belt it at the smallest point of your waist.

What Kind of Jeans Fit My Body Type? For Hourglass Shapes.

Hourglass shapes typically have full busts and hips and narrow waists. Overall, finding jeans that fit this body shape is pretty simple. Simply find jeans that accentuate your small waist, such as mid-rise or high-rise jeans, and you’re good to go. Whether you are standard or plus size, shop for curvy fit jeans that are made with a higher degree of stretch in proportions that balance your waist/hip shift. As for leg shapes, you, my friend, have the run of the store. A boot cut balances a curvy shape, while a slim leg or skinny jean works well to accentuate your strengths. Play up your curves with belted waists, shaped shirts, and tucked-in T-shirts. Straight-leg cropped jeans tend to work better with an hourglass shape, or a pair of skinny jeans rolled at the ankle if you want to go a little shorter.

What Lands’ End Sizing Options Are Flattering on Each Body Type?

Now that you know which styles at Lands' End offers would be flattering on each body type, you should also fine-tune your sizing options. Whether you go with shapely bell bottoms or trendy straight-leg jeans, the length and cut of your jeans matter. After all, it does no good to have the perfect fitting skinny jeans only to have the cuffs be too short. We offer jeans to meet the unique needs of different height ranges, such as petite, regular, and tall, so that nobody needs to struggle with highwater pants or uncomfortable inseams. Our regular and plus size options also help you find the best fit for your size so that you can celebrate your body and look great in the best fitting pants ever. And, if you ever need more customization, simply request hemming at checkout!

Where Do We Go From Here?

Best advice: If your burning question has long been “how to find jeans that fit my body type”, check out the selection of jeans at Lands' End. You can try them on at home, return what doesn't work, and keep what you love. Once you find your size and fit, you're all set!


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