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If I can only afford one cashmere sweater, which style should I buy?

Ah, budgeting. We love it and we wish we didn't have to do it. The good thing is that we're making sure that we have enough saved up to splurge on one of our favorite "finer things." The cashmere sweater.

It's an important staple in any wardrobe, and even though you'd be overjoyed to have a dresser drawer full of them, that will take time. Years even. If only you didn't have to pay that rent or mortgage you'd immediately be the cashmere collector.

What you want when you're shopping on a budget is to find something that will be long-lasting and earn the title of "favorite piece in the wardrobe." It has to be both casual and classy. And you want your sweater to match your other clothes so that you can get the most outfits per dollar.

Let's take a look at four top cashmere sweater styles to see what fits you and your budget best.

1. The classic cashmere crewneck cardigan

When we say classic you know that means this cashmere sweater is the type of thing that will be the last thing you ever get rid of. You may never even get rid of it since it's reliable and it makes you look really good. For somebody who's not trying to go overboard and buy their best sweater in a dozen colors, a cardigan has the flexibility of two sweaters in one. A buy-one-get-one sort of deal.

It's not uncommon to keep a cardigan ready to go at any time. When you're getting dressed you typically try to be prepared for work and maybe a brief hangout with friends afterward. This cardigan is ready for both and will be eager to go out with you later that week too, to events. A few winter parties maybe? And they say money can't buy happiness…

Style tip: Wear this with chinos or your best office slacks. Cardigan styles for ladies tend to vary: the bottom and top button unbuttoned. Or buttoned fully. Test what you like. You'll have plenty of time to try them all.

2. The long sleeve cashmere tee

Once fall starts to reveal its descent into winter, you might panic and resupply your closet with all kinds of coats and heavy shirts. But what you really need is one trusty long sleeve cashmere tee to do the job. It's the layer that stays calm and lets the other layers do the hard work. Don't wear cashmere in the rain, that's the jacket's job.

Take it with you traveling. You never quite know how warm or cold you'll get in an unfamiliar region and when you need something that bridges casual and classy, this cashmere sweater can do both. One advantage of this sweater is you'll be able to wear it as much as you need to since it's not as necessary to clean as that undershirt you'll be wearing…which is exactly what you'll appreciate when you're hopping around a city or country that doesn't leave much time for second loads of laundry.

Style tips: Choose your best color, the one you love the most. Don't worry though: if you decide you like this one, you'll probably start to budget for your other favorite colors too. This sweater goes great with a pair of slim-fit chinos and flats. Want style points for your layer game? Wear a white button-down collar underneath for that professional edge.

3. The open cable cashmere cardigan (low hip length)

Long looks good on you. It's amazing how sweet a deal this is for somebody looking for a cashmere sweater that has the ability to command the day's look while also letting you sit back and relax.

This is the ultimate cashmere sweater to have on when you're curling up near the fire with a good book or thinking about that creative project you've been working on.

As you're strolling out in the world, in the winter especially, this will be your source of comfort through and through. Even if you could wear your flannel robe out and about it wouldn't have that same built-in confidence that this sweater does.

Style tips: Wear this with a pair of leggings and a tunic. Slim-fit jeans tie the outfit together too. The loose cardigan acts as the "yin" while the form-fitting pants are your "yang."

4. The short sleeve cashmere tee

There are people who think that short sleeve shirts should do one thing and one thing only: be a tee shirt. Not for Lands' End. The short-sleeve cashmere tee can be that initial layer in the wintertime or it can be your light summer layer when you're leaning back on the dock catching sun on that perfect day away.

This is cashmere for all seasons. Let's be honest, you want to wear cashmere year-round and you're willing to make the sacrifice because you saved up for this luxury. Besides, people keep their heat on throughout the winter, so chances are, a short sleeve tee is the most versatile option for you.

Style tips: Wear this with high-waisted jeans and a cute pair of canvas top sneakers.

5. The classic cashmere turtleneck

There is nothing more classic and classy than a cashmere turtleneck. They fit well, come in a huge assortment of colors, and they’re a staple for any wardrobe. Turtlenecks will also keep you incredibly warm. They can also be great if you like wearing pieces that have more coverage because of their high necks. 

Wear your turtleneck sweater to the office or out on a date. They’re great for the times when you want to look classy and polished, but they can be dressed down too. 

Style tips: The turtleneck looks best when paired with dress pants and a classy set of simple stud earrings. You can also add a long pendant necklace if you want to change it up a bit. Turtlenecks can be paired with jeans too, but they’ll probably look best with dark-wash jeans. Don’t forget a set of ankle boots or flats to complete the look.


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