Where to Wear Your Polo Shirts

Where to Wear Your Polo Shirts

No matter the season, polo shirts are a wardrobe essential. From rocking a sleeveless women’s polo shirt in the summer to layering a polo under a sweater or jacket in the cooler months, this versatile top never seems to go out of style. Perhaps it’s the stylish collar or the variety of fits and cuts you can find these in. Whatever it is, polo shirts are a great addition to any outfit, and you can really get creative with how you style yours.

Once you have a few styles, cuts, and colors picked out, you might find yourself asking where to debut your polo-centered looks. While you can really dress this top up or down, making it appropriate for almost any occasion you can think of, there are certain events or places that simply call for an outfit with a polo shirt top. Read on for a few ideas of where you can wear your polo and tips on how to style different types of these iconic shirts.

To a Backyard Summer BBQ

For many of us, backyard BBQs are one of our go-to summer activities. It’s such a seasonal treat to enjoy tasty food from the grill and some summery cocktails. Since this is an activity we only partake in during a certain season, it’s definitely a social event that we want to look our best at. That’s why this is the perfect opportunity for wearing your most summer-ready polo shirts.

A perfect summer BBQ look starts with a sleeveless Supima cotton polo in a themed print like colorful beach umbrellas or a bright take on the classic plaid. Pair this perfect summer top with some trendy high-waisted shorts and opt for a French tuck to give this look a little added style (not that it needs it, but it never hurts!). This outfit is guaranteed to keep you feeling comfy and cute while you enjoy some treats in the sun. Since this polo style is sleeveless, just remember to reapply sunscreen to your arms throughout the day!

To a Work Meeting

A women’s black polo is a stylish, professional-looking top for a work meeting. Pair it with a cream or navy blazer to dress it up or a cardigan sweater to keep it more business casual.

For your bottoms, avoid black with a black top unless the shades are identical, so opt for a color to match or complement your outer layer instead. Depending on where the hemline of your polo falls on your body, you might want to tuck it in or try a French tuck, as long as it looks neat. Complete your look with a pair of subtle earrings or a delicate necklace and a pair of flats or low heels.

To a Lunch Date

Whether you’re going on a lunch date with your partner or a few close friends, a polo top is a great choice. Polo shirts are versatile and easily add an effortlessly dressy touch to any outfit. Pair a classic white short-sleeve polo with a patterned skirt in a silky material with a smooth silhouette and a flattering flared shape. You can definitely add another layer to this, depending on the weather, like a cropped crewneck sweater or a light denim jacket.

Pair this outfit with sneakers for a more casual lunch date or flats or strappy sandals for a slightly dressier look that’s still trendy. Accessories like small hoop earrings and a cute headband can really tie this lunch-date-ready look together.

To the Airport

If you’re looking for a place to wear your favorite women’s long-sleeve polo shirt, look no further than on your next flight. Particularly when they’re made with super-soft cotton, a long-sleeve polo can be just as comfy as your go-to lounge shirt while giving off a stylish appearance. And the long-sleeve polo option is ideal for that chilly airport or airplane air.

If you get particularly cold during air travel, simply layer a crewneck sweater over your polo if you live to get a little dressy when you travel or have a short flight with plans immediately after you land, pair your polo with some trendy straight-leg jeans. If you’re going on a long journey and like to travel in your comfiest clothes, simply opt for cozy joggers as your bottoms.

With so many style options available, you’ll never run out of occasions for wearing your favorite sleeveless, short-sleeve, or long-sleeve polo shirt. These timeless tops allow you to look stylish with minimal effort and pair super well with shorts, patterned skirts or professional slacks, denim, and lounge pants. Whether you’re heading to a fun backyard BBQ, about to crush it at a work meeting, on your way to a cute lunch date, or starting a near or far journey, you’re going to look your best in the right polo.


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