Where to Travel This Spring

Where to Travel This Spring

From lounging on warm, sandy beaches to camping by the fire in the middle of a mountainous national forest, virtually every destination seems more appealing in the spring. Snow has melted, things are blooming and green again, and even the warmest part of the day isn’t quite summertime-sweltering yet. It’s a perfect time of year to take a vacation and spend time outdoors. Let’s break down the best destinations for your spring vacation this year and the best vacation clothes to bring on each type of trip.

To the East Coast

Of course, your choice for spring vacation will depend largely on where you already live. You have to decide how far you are willing to travel to arrive at your destination. The East Coast beaches here in the United States are a fantastic spring getaway that is usually fairly close and budget-friendly. From the rocky shores of New England to the crystal-clear, warm, blue waters of the Florida Keys, you have beach vacation options galore on the East Coast of the United States.

Pack your swimsuit because the East Coast is chock full of beautiful, accessible beaches. Because of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, much of the Southern coastline is warm enough to enjoy a swim even early in the spring.

To the West Coast

The West coast is also full of beautiful beaches, from sandy Southern California to the rugged Pacific Northwest. Do you want a beach vacation where you will spend less time lounging on the beach and more time hiking and exploring stunning ocean-front vistas? Perhaps a West Coast beach trip is the spring vacation beach trip for you.

It may be too cold to swim in the Pacific Ocean in the spring for most, but be sure to bring your water shoes for exploring the wild and beautiful coastline, full of natural tide pools.

To the Mountains

Perhaps you want a spring vacation that allows you to unwind and unplug in the wilderness. Especially if you are traveling on a budget, a trip to the mountains may be what’s in store for you. Choose a river-front campsite in a state or national park in the mountains and reconnect with nature.

Camping in the mountains is also a great option for the whole family. The kids will love exploring trails and rivers, cooking over an open campfire flame, and sleeping under the stars. Don’t forget to get the kids their own personalized sleeping bags.

To the Islands

Maybe you have been dreaming of getting away and want to spend time in a classic spring break destination. Whether traveling to the Caribbean, the Pacific islands, or anywhere else in the world, there are some essentials you will not want to forget for your island vacation.

Make sure to pack your canvas totes and beach bags full of sunscreen and bug spray. Most island destinations are already quite warm and humid by springtime, and you will want to be prepared for both mosquitoes and the harsher rays that come with being closer to the equator.

Of course, you won’t want to forget your maxi dress or beach cover ups so that you can go straight from lounging by the pool or on the beach all day to heading out for dinner or a night of exploring a city center.

To the City

If you already live somewhere with beach access or simply aren’t the type to lounge on the beach or hike in the wilderness, perhaps an urban adventure is more your style. Spring vacation in a major city, such as New York or Los Angeles, can be a great way to have fun and get away from your day-to-day. Choosing a very walkable city, such as New York City, is a great way to enjoy the beautiful spring weather by seeing the sights on foot.

Spend your days exploring museums, historical buildings, and stunning architecture. Take advantage of the many fun resources and opportunities of a major city that you may not have if you live in a smaller suburban area. Indulge in a spa day and go to brunch on a rooftop. Spend your nights exploring the countless bars, restaurants, and venues that line each street.

Don’t forget to pack some versatile little black dresses. You will also want to bring shoes that are fashionable but comfortable enough to do a good amount of walking in, such as a pair of Chelsea boots or another type of ankle boot. Just make sure it has low (or no) heels!

Whether rocking spring break on a budget while enjoying the great outdoors or going all out for an indulgent city vacation, the possibilities for spring vacation are endless. Find your ultimate destination and get planning. Happy travels and happy spring.


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