Where to Travel Besides the Beach This Summer

Where to Travel Besides the Beach This Summer

When the temperatures climb outside, people get excited about shedding off the winter blues. It’s time to hit the beach, partake in cookouts, and grab ice cream on a warm night. Since school’s out, too, people overall have more time and freedom to schedule vacations. While the summer is often thought of as swimsuit season, there are plenty of other destinations that are perfect for warm weather. Where can you travel besides the beach this summer? There are so many things you can see and do when it’s hot outside that it's hard to pick just a few. However, here are a few places you can go when you need a refreshing break from the sand and salty water.

Theme Parks

In the summer, family-friendly activities reign supreme. Theme parks reopen in the spring, beckoning many families and thrill-seekers back to enjoy great food, roller coasters, shows, and other rides. There are many places to beat the heat in theme parks, especially when you get under the shade to enjoy games like go-carts and carousels. Your favorite theme park may also double as a waterpark or offer some water-based rides. Make your outfit friendly for both land and water activities by wearing a swim shirt and swim shorts. This type of clothing, along with activewear, is made with moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials that keep you comfortable in parks.

Theme parks are wonderful places for people to completely unplug from normal life and think only about what they want to do. With so many rides and delicious treats available as you walk around, you can be sure that whenever you need a change of pace from the beach, a theme park is a great idea. It can be enjoyed as a grown-up getaway or a family-friendly activity — making it appealing to every age group and different lifestyles.

Forest Hiking

While doing hikes in the full sun is pleasant in the fall and spring, it can get downright sweltering in the summer. This is a great time to check out shaded trails. If you check out the websites of national parks, you’ll find information on trails that are located in forests. These paths will be significantly cooler than anything under the open sun, allowing you to comfortably explore environments that will be too cold to explore in the late fall and winter. The only caveat is that you should definitely invest in good bug spray because mosquitoes and ticks love trees and grass!

If you need more relief from the heat, look for shaded trails in mountainous areas. The higher you go in elevation, the cooler it will be compared to lower elevations. Bring comfortable clothing like women’s activewear and sneakers for a cozy hiking outfit. Make sure your shoes have enough traction to keep you steady on sleek surfaces like wet rocks, too.

All-Inclusive Resorts

If you have wanderlust, it’s time to book a cruise or plane ticket to take you to an all-inclusive experience. This is one of the best ways for busy adults to unwind. What’s not to love about excellent dining, fizzy drinks, and poolside lounging? Whether your thrill is found in the casino, horseback riding, touring new cities with a guide, or discovering local favorite hot spots, your summer will be richer when you get totally away from it all.

Resorts do a good job at ensuring the safety of their guests while providing a convenient experience where everything you need is available without going off-resort. Be sure to include a canvas tote bag in your checked luggage so you have a smaller bag to tote around essentials like sunblock with you. It also makes a great carry-on bag if you plan on flying.

The Mountains

When the temperatures start to get high in the height of summer, you need to go to a place that gives you some relief from the heat. Thankfully, when you reach higher elevations, the daytime temperatures are milder and the nights can even be chilly. This is exactly what you want when you’re tired of sunburns and washing sand out of your swim trunks. With more people than ever finding income streams through short-term rentals, you can find a place to relax for a while to beat the heat. For the best experience, check the location of your mountain home rental to make sure the roads are safe for your vehicle and confirm any amenities. If you will be truly in the “middle of nowhere," plan accordingly with enough food, water, and emergency provisions to make your stay comfortable.

Although the beach is fun and a great place to relax, there are many other places to explore this summer. We hope that these travel ideas will make this season full of adventures and treasured memories.


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