When To Wear a Cover-Up

When To Wear a Cover-Up

A cover-up covers all the bases—a slight temperature shift on a summer day, a trip to the grocery store, and everything in between. You’ll be glad to have your cover-up with you during the warmer months, for the sense of security it lends and the stylish, casual touch it adds to any look. A cover-up is a great item to wear over a bathing suit. Simply throw it in your bag for a trip to the pool or beach, or for any adventure away from the house when you may get cold. It can also transform a look instantly from day to night, working wonders with its catch-all style and effortless elegance. You’ll be glad you thought to bring a cover-up or two on any vacation, as its loose, easy style is all you’ll want to wear when you relax. Here are some of the best times to wear a cover-up.

Beat the Heat

There’s a reason why people who live in desert landscapes near the equator cover up as much as possible when they’re outside—the sun’s rays are powerful, to say the least. When we’re at the beach or the pool wearing swimsuits that leave much of our bodies exposed, the sun can sneak up on you after a while. And while a good sunscreen is essential and helpful, it can only do a certain degree of work before the sun breaks through its barrier. That’s why a cover-up can come in extra handy when we’re enjoying time by the beach or pool. Throwing on a cover-up dress, shirt, or pair of pants can help extend those beach days, and keep us from having to pack up early and head home when the sun starts getting to us.

If you have skin that’s particularly sensitive to the sun, or you just want everyone to stay extra sun-safe, there are cover-ups that work hard to protect your skin from the sun. They are even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to protect against UV for covered areas. A UPF rash guard, which comes in all sorts of styles and colors, from shirts to dresses, to skirts and wraps, can keep your skin extra fortified against the harmful effects of the sun over time.

On the Move

Beyond the ways it can actually keep you safe from the sun, a cover-up is useful for every kind of errand, bathroom run, or a long walk on the beach that you take in the warmer months. Start by throwing it on over your swimsuit to wear on the walk, drive, or bike ride to the beach—it can serve as a comfortable outfit to wear anywhere you go en route, like the grocery store to pick up some snacks and beverages for the crew to enjoy once they get there. It’s also great to put on at the beach when you need to make a bathroom run, a trip to the boardwalk for ice cream or hot dog, or simply a long walk along the shore.

Day to Night

Beach cover-ups are so comfortable, functional, and stylish that we’re never surprised when we hear about people keeping them on long after they’ve left the beach or pool. A cover-up dress, for example, makes the perfect day to night look, easily evolving from a casual daytime addition to a beach look into an easy evening ensemble that’s perfect for anything from cooking and enjoying a nice dinner at home or heading out to enjoy a fancier evening out. Dress up your cover-up look by running a comb through your hair, adding some statement jewelry, a pair of heels or strappy sandals, and a light jacket or blazer to top it off. You don’t even need to shower—leave the beach hair and salty glow.

Keep It Modest

Everyone has their own style, and there are so many ways to embrace your own personal tastes while keeping things modest and covered up. It’s all in the name: a cover-up will keep you stylishly modest, covering arms, legs, chest, or any other area you want to keep clothed. Whether it’s for personal reasons, religious customs, or any other reason, there are lots of styles of cover-ups and modest swimsuits to help you enjoy your time outdoors this summer. Leggings, pareo pants, and skirts are great ways to cover up on the bottom, while dresses, long-sleeved shirts, wraps, and hoodies are perfect for the top.

Getting some sun every day is so good for you, with all that excellent vitamin D. But it’s important to enjoy it in moderation, keeping your skin protected from the harmful UV rays that can damage skin over time. Cover-ups are a great way to stay sun-safe, be modest, run errands, or simply relax in a comfortable, low-key outfit. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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