When and How to Wear a Fleece Vest

When and How to Wear a Fleece Vest

(Because When Not to Would Give Us Much Less to Talk About)

I may be the ultimate fleece vest fan. I tend to start wearing my vest on the first morning I wake up and realize I should have shut the windows the night before. I toss my fleece vest on over my fleece pajamas, slip into my fleece slippers and head downstairs to start the breakfast rush. See? Huge fan. “Why not just wear your fleece robe?” you ask. A sleeveless fleece vest won’t drag in the syrup. Genius. Aside from the kitchen in the morning, here are my favorite places to wear my best fleece vest and how you can learn how to wear a vest like a fashion pro.

Wear Your Fleece Vest to Work

There's a reason the smart kids of Silicon Valley started adopting fleece vests as their new corporate uniform. They’re warm, have pockets, and look great over just about any long-sleeved shirt. Did I mention they’re warm? A great comfort if your desk is situated under an air conditioning vent.

Wear Your Fleece on a Trip to the Dog Park

If you're making a new start in a new city with your same old best friend, there's nothing like wearing a familiar favorite while exploring your new surroundings. Your cozy fleece vest has pockets for stashing extra treats for your fur baby and a few of his new buddies. Left pocket for the bag of treats and right pocket for the disposal bags. Let's go.

Wear Fleece for Apple Picking

When a stroll through the orchard is calling your name, you'll need your fleece vest. It makes for perfect apple picking attire. Vests were actually invented because of the need to be able to move your arms freely while working in the great outdoors. Your orchard trip may be more play than work, but still .... dress the part.

Keep Warm on the Bike Trails in Fleece

There is no better way to take it all in than perched on the seat of a bike. No matter if it is yours, a publicly shared bike, or your niece's old one from last year that she was nice enough to loan you for the weekend, you'll be sitting pretty when you roll through wearing your fleece vest. You'll never be too hot or too cold with a fleece vest on your back.

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