When and How to Wear a Fleece Vest

When and How to Wear a Fleece Vest

(Because When Not to Would Give Us Much Less to Talk About)

There are so many reasons to proudly label yourself as the “ultimate fleece vest fan." It’s there for you any time of day and works for so many different occasions. When you first wake up in the morning, throw a fleece vest over your long-sleeved pajama top to enjoy extra warmth while you complete your morning routine. At night, when you first get home from work and the house is a little chilly, wrap yourself up in a fleece vest as you wait for the heater to come on. Of course, your own home isn’t the only place where wearing a fleece vest is acceptable. In this post, we will take a look at just a few of the many different places where you can stylishly wear a fleece vest.

Wear Your Fleece Vest to Work

There's a reason the smart kids of Silicon Valley started adopting fleece vests as their new corporate uniform. They’re warm, have pockets, and look great over just about any long-sleeved shirt. Did we mention they’re warm? They offer comfort if your desk is situated under an air conditioning vent.

Wear Your Fleece on a Trip to the Dog Park

If you're making a new start in a new city with your same old best friend, there's nothing like wearing a familiar favorite while exploring new surroundings. Your cozy fleece vest has pockets for stashing extra treats for your fur baby and a few of his new buddies. Think: left pocket for the bag of treats and right pocket for the disposal bags. Let's go.

Wear Fleece for Apple Picking

When a stroll through the orchard is calling your name, you'll need your fleece vest. It makes for perfect apple picking attire. Vests were invented because of the need to be able to move your arms freely while working in the great outdoors, so a fleece vest and a pair of leggings is a great ensemble. Your orchard trip may be more play than work, but still .... dress the part.

Wear a Fleece Vest to The Playground

Are you taking the kids to the playground for an afternoon of fun? Don’t forget to wear your fleece vest! A good-quality fleece vest will keep you just warm enough when you have a spare minute to sip your coffee but won’t be too warm when you find yourself chasing after the kids. Fleece vests are also quite easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry too much about a snack food stain or a bit of dirt contaminating the vest.

Keep Warm on the Bike Trails in Fleece

There's no better way to take it all in than perched on the seat of a bike. No matter if it's yours, a publicly shared bike, or your niece's old one from last year that she was nice enough to loan you for the weekend, you'll be sitting pretty when you roll through wearing your fleece vest. You'll never be too hot or too cold with a fleece vest on your back.

Wear Your Fleece Vest to The Farm

Whether you live and work on a farm or you are just paying a visit to one, a fleece vest is the ultimate farm attire. Not only will a fleece vest make you look like you belong there, but it’s also going to help keep you warm (especially in the fall and spring seasons). A neutral color fleece vest over a thick long sleeve base layer is a great rustic look, however, you can also experiment with flashier, bolder colors or prints too.

When You Head to The Lake

Are you spending an unseasonably warm autumn day sailing on the lake? Or perhaps just enjoying an early spring picnic near your favorite body of water? Lakes and other bodies of water often bring with them a bit of a cooler temperature and some wind. When it’s not quite cold enough for a jacket or coat, throw on a fleece vest!

Wear a Fleece Vest While Your Hike A New Trail

Whether you're an avid hiking enthusiast or you just enjoy the occasional stroll through the woods, a chic but practical fleece vest will serve you well. Even when temperatures start to cool down, you tend to work up a bit of a sweat when traversing through the woods for an extended period. A fleece vest will help you find that happy medium: providing just enough warmth but not leaving you too hot and uncomfortable the way a bulky coat would.

Wear a Fleece Vest to The Farmer’s Market

Fleece vests have a quintessentially rustic, quaint look about them. So what could possibly be more quaint than wearing your favorite fleece vest to the farmers market? A colorful fleece vest layered over a cashmere turtleneck, or a tunic is a classic look, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Finish your farmers market outfit off with a pair of comfortable women’s jeans and ankle booties!

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