When's the Appropriate Time To Take Down the Holiday Decorations

When's the Appropriate Time To Take Down the Holiday Decorations

After the holiday season's festivities, whether it's a backyard 4th of July barbeque, a family Christmas gathering, or a memorable Halloween party, comes the task of tearing down the holiday decorations. But when exactly is the right time to take everything down? After a great big Thanksgiving feast, the last thing on your mind is the mundane and arduous chore of taking down and boxing up the cute turkey or elf décor. Understandably, you may need a couple of days of rest! In this post, we'll look at when to take down the holiday decorations and how to seamlessly transition your home and holiday décor throughout the year.

Halloween Décor

Halloween presents one of the most fun times of the year for decorating. You can go all out with spooky lights, ghouls and goblins, and adorably scary DIY décor for the interior and exterior of your home. If you put up your Halloween décor in August you may get a few strange looks, but don't let anyone stop you from starting spooky season once the clock strikes midnight on October 1st. It's perfectly acceptable to keep your Halloween décor up throughout the entire month of Halloween.

You might ask, "when do we take it all down?" Like any other season, you don't have to rush. There's no need to take everything down the day immediately following Halloween. However, if you enjoy some "normal" home décor for a few days or weeks before the next holiday, don't let anything stop you from taking it down right away. Otherwise, Halloween décor can stay up for a few days or even a week or two after Halloween. Additionally, Halloween décor like pumpkins can stay up until after Thanksgiving, considering many Halloween pieces fall into the autumn décor category that is acceptable for other fall holidays.

Thanksgiving Décor

If you celebrate Thanksgiving in your home and create some cozy Thanksgiving décor, eventually, taking those decorations down is inevitable. But the good news is there is no rulebook! If you want to take the décor down the next day following Thanksgiving, more power to you. If you need three days or even a week to relax before thinking about it, give yourself a week. If you respond well to deadlines, tell yourself the Thanksgiving décor will come down before December 1st. Do you celebrate Christmas in your home? Make the taxing chore of taking down decorations more appealing by rewarding yourself with the festive, cozy fun of Christmas decorating soon after. To make the activities less tiring, space them out. Set one day for Thanksgiving décor tear down and plan to put up the Christmas décor a few days after. Your special reward for completing the task is a warm, festive afternoon of stringing up the Christmas lights, sipping hot cocoa, and letting classic Christmas reruns play in the background as you decorate.

Christmas Décor

Christmas décor generally stays up longer than décor for any other holiday. It is not unusual for many households to get their Christmas decorations up soon after Thanksgiving and keep them up until after the New Year. Once again, there are no hard and fast rules regarding tearing down Christmas decorations. Some people like to get them down during the week between Christmas and New Year's. Others may get to it a few days or even a couple of weeks after New Year's. If you are worried your Christmas decorations are up too long, aim to get everything down before Valentine's Day. And if you fail the mission, then rely on your craftiness and adorn your Christmas tree with Valentine's decorations and let everyone know it is now a Valentine's tree.

Easter Décor

If you celebrate Easter in your house, you'll find endless ways to decorate your home with gorgeous, soothing springtime décor for the holiday. Even a bouquet in pastel colors or some light landscaping can give your home a fresh look for Easter and spring. Just as many Halloween and Thanksgiving décor pieces can fall under the autumn décor category, so can Easter décor for the spring. Décor pieces like floral arrangements, fresh bedding in lighter colors and fabrics, and colorful accents can be used in anticipation for Easter and kept up for the rest of the spring season. Other décor pieces specific to Easter, such as pastel Easter eggs and adorable bunnies, can stay up for a few days or even a week or two after the holiday.

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