What Your Teen Really Wants for Christmas

What Your Teen Really Wants for Christmas

Ah, the teen years! They’re independent one moment, and your little girl or boy the next. When it comes to shopping for your teen, have no worries! Let’s look at some simple solutions for what your teen really wants for Christmas.

They Want Time With Their Friends

It’s almost impossible to underestimate the importance of a teen’s friends. Give them the gift of hanging out in style with women’s and men’s hoodies, joggers, T-shirts, and sneakers. Even if they seem to have plenty of hoodies, they’ll appreciate a new one. When in doubt, neutrals such as black, gray, and white are great choices. If your teen has a favorite team or enjoys wearing their school colors, buy them a hoodie to help them show their spirit.

As much as possible, make your home a cool hangout. Having items like holiday cookie dough and their favorite movies and games at the ready can make your home the go-to place for your teen and their friends. Even if they mostly socialize with their own set, they will appreciate your efforts, and you will have the advantage of low-key supervision. Isn’t it great when they are having fun, and you know they are safe and sound?

They Want Their Own Space

Teens tend to be either naturally neat or messy, but they all love having their own space. Why not help them to keep it cozy and easy to keep clean? Canvas storage bins are a great choice because your teen can toss things in the right direction and still have a tidy room. Make sure that they have a laundry hamper in a convenient spot, too.

When encouraging your teen to keep their room clean, wrap it up in a message about allowing them to decorate or organize their own space. Sometimes the simplest thing, like a new color of duvet cover or favorite fleece blanket, will change up their space enough to make it feel fresh and new. Throw pillows and floor pillows can also be great options for teen rooms. Teens change so much from year to year that they get tired of décor much faster than adults. It's kind of like going from cartoons and action figures to their favorite bands. What they were immersed in last year may feel too young for them now. Asking teens to put together an online shopping list or text you a holiday wish list can be helpful if they like the idea of updating their bedrooms. They can still get a surprise while you know that you are on the right track, too.

They Want Cool Stuff

Three words your teen wants you to know: Best. Backpacks. Ever. Whether they use it for school, sports, or travel, they need a great backpack to get them where they need to go with functionality and style. All teens have electronics that need to be transported and protected, in addition to books, papers, and jackets or hoodies. When choosing a backpack, pick one that is designed to cushion delicate items, has zippered pockets where they will need them, and has plenty of space.

When it comes to styles and colors of backpacks, let your teen's personality be the deciding factor. Do they have favorite neutral colors that are their go-to's? Do they have a specific “aesthetic” where they want everything to match their signature color? Backpacks are kind of like bedroom décor for teens. Their preferences will change from year to year. If you have a truly hard-to-buy-for teen, let them pick out their own backpack, but get creative with the delivery. You could write something like “best backpack ever” on a slip of paper and wrap it up like a gift. When they open it, you can explain that you will go online together to let them pick out the backpack that you will buy.

They Want to Be Comfy

They may be teenagers, but they’re still your babies! Keep them comfy with ultra-soft fabrics like flannel and fleece. A pair of new flannel pajamas and a new set of flannel sheets is a great combination. There is no better feeling than flannel at the end of the day.

Take a peek at their wardrobe and see where you can add some fleece. Every teen needs a men’s or women’s fleece jacket. A full-zip fleece jacket is a wardrobe staple they shouldn’t be without. Quarter-zip fleece jackets are also comfy and stylish. Especially with the range of temperatures, they are likely to encounter in climate-controlled buildings, having a fleece handy will keep them snug.

With a bit of forethought, you can get your teen what they really want for Christmas and have a wonderful holiday season together. Merry Christmas!


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