What You Need for a Perfect Fall Day

What You Need for a Perfect Fall Day

The perfect fall day is the one you enjoy the most. Whether you want to go hiking in the autumn air or declare a pajama day, Lands’ End has what you need. Let’s look at how to make the perfect fall day for you and yours.

Crisp Autumn Air and Comfy Outerwear

While the air is still crisp and cool, why not go walking or hiking in the great outdoors? Whether you take a walk around the block or plan a day trip to go hiking, make sure to include a women’s fleece jacket in your ensemble. If there's just a nip in the air, a fleece jacket may be all you need. If your perfect fall day includes some winter weather, layer your favorite fleece under your winter coat for the best insulation.

Make sure to wear tennis shoes or hiking boots that are broken in and will support your feet. Even if it’s not that cold, it’s a great idea to wear ear warmers or a beanie hat and have warm gloves handy. The best outerwear keeps you so comfy that you don’t even think about it. Instead, you focus on all the fun you're having on your perfect fall day.

Warm Workout Wear

Whether you’re working out at the gym or hanging out at home, indulge in some warm workout wear for a perfect fall day. Fleece is a great option here as well. Hoodies for women are an easy and stylish choice. Wear a cotton T-shirt under your hoodie and add a pair of fleece joggers for the ultimate in comfort. If you get a bit too warm, you can always take off the hoodie. Warm workout wear is perfect for running errands, meeting a friend for coffee or a casual lunch, or catching a new movie. Especially if you dress up for work or have a calendar with a number of upcoming dressy holiday occasions, treat yourself to the perfect fall day in your favorite comfortable fall clothes.

Speaking of calendars, a great idea for a fall day is to get organized for the upcoming months. Spend an hour or two with your favorite pumpkin spice latte or herbal tea and map out the upcoming work, school, family, and social events on your calendar. Go ahead and put down all known events and pencil in any expected ones. This gives you a good sense of what weeks will be the busiest, what shopping or other preparation you may want to do, and also where you're likely to have some down time where you can hang out in your favorite flannel pajamas. It’s also a great idea to schedule self-care like taking an afternoon off, getting in some exercise, making a mani-pedi appointment, or calling a friend you haven’t seen for a while and setting up a coffee or lunch. Having your calendar under control and some fun and easy things scheduled can make for the perfect fall day.

Lovely Loungewear

Who says pajama days are just for the kids? Why not make the perfect fall day one where you spend the day in your comfiest outfits of all—women’s loungewear. Fall and winter tend to be busy seasons for all of us. When you can, indulge in your favorite flannels, comfy cottons, and add your favorite bathrobe for the final touch.

An adult pajama day can include anything from a leisurely brunch and reading the newspaper to delving into a new book to going holiday shopping online with your feet in your favorite slippers. If you're getting going on holiday shopping, keep everything in one place. One list with everyone’s name, sizes, preferences, and what you get them is the easiest way to go. You can even set up a spreadsheet with a calculator built in to keep you on budget.

Delightful Décor

Decorating your home for fall or getting started on your winter holiday décor can make for the perfect fall day. You can start by doing an inventory of your holiday decorations and thinking about what you want to put out this year, what might stay put away for this one, and what new décor you'd like to add. A handy way to approach decorating is to start with the big stuff first—items like Christmas trees, wreaths, or larger decorations and displays. This will do two things. By putting out the large items first, it helps your home look more decorated and give you the motivation to keep going. Also, most of us like to put out the little things around the big things, so you'll be ready to do that either on your perfect fall day or another lovely fall day soon.

Whether you get out in the crisp air or enjoy your cozy home, take the time to enjoy a perfect fall day. You deserve it!


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