What to Wear with a Jean Jacket

What to Wear with a Jean Jacket

The jean jacket is one of our favorite outerwear types for all seasons. You can wear one on mild fall and winter days, or in the spring. You may even be able to wear a denim jacket in the summer; for example, in an air-conditioned building or during a cool night on the beach. There are jean jackets in different washes to suit your wardrobe, in sizes to fit every body. Keep reading for some ways to wear your favorite denim jacket:

A Knit Top and Midi Skirt

There are many types of knit tops from which to choose, making a stylish accompaniment to a jean jacket and any one of your favorite knee-length skirts. A cotton top with a hint of spandex looks casually elegant with a mid-length skirt and denim jacket. You can opt for a black jean jacket that goes with everything, or pair a blue jean jacket with almost any color skirt and top.

When it comes to shoes, take your pick. This semi-casual outfit can be made more casual with sneakers or dressed up with ballet flats or heels. You can even slip on some women’s boots in your preferred style. Calf-high and ankle boots both look stylish with a midi skirt and any top-jacket combo.

A Tunic and Leggings

We love the pairing of a tunic top and jean jacket with leggings. When worn with medium-height boots, the look is on-trend and well-balanced. Tunic tops come in many fabrics and styles, so it’s no sweat to find one that suits the season and your wardrobe. A waist-length or cropped jean jacket balances the longer length of a tunic top. These tops typically fall past the hips for ample coverage with leggings and jeggings.

You can’t go wrong with classic black when choosing a pair of leggings. However, there are other colors with which to expand your wardrobe. You may even find print leggings, which you can pair with boots, a solid-color tunic and your favorite jean jacket for a coordinated style.

A T-Shirt and Jeans

If you’re wondering whether you can wear denim on denim, the answer is yes. For casual occasions, you can look stylish and stay comfortable in your favorite T-shirt, women’s jeans, and a jean jacket. The key to this look is keeping one piece black—either the jeans or the jean jacket. You can wear a black jean jacket with faded blue jeans, for example, or vice versa. Blue-on-blue can clash, and black may even look mismatched as this universal neutral has different shades. You may not realize it until you wear two black clothing items together and notice the color difference.

One of the latest trends—that you might also remember from the ’80s—is colored denim. Any type of colored denim jacket or pants can be worn with black or white to let the vibrant hue take center stage. There are plenty of women’s shirts from which to choose for this look. For example, if you’re wearing green pants, wear a top with a green botanical motif and layer it with an indigo jean jacket.

A Midi or Maxi Dress

Many different dress styles go with jean jackets. Whether you love the flouncy look of fit-and-flare dresses or prefer a flowy maxi dress, a jean jacket is the perfect topper. Wear one of these retro-inspired jackets over your favorite solid-color or print dress, then add other pieces to create a look. For example, you can go dressier with a cropped jean jacket, a fit-and-flare dress, and high heels. Or you can create a laid-back look with women’s slides and a tiered cotton maxi dress.

Maxi dresses for women can be worn in all seasons with your favorite denim jacket. Look for a long-sleeve style in the colder months or go short-sleeve or sleeveless in the summer. If you need extra warmth, tights can be worn underneath your dress. Women’s scarves are ideal for accessorizing jean jackets and maxi dresses when it’s chilly. When it’s warm, a large tote bag is your best accessory. If you get too hot, you can stash your jacket in the bag for convenient storage.

Accessorizing Denim Jackets

Jean jackets can be accessorized to add to the aesthetic of the look. For example, if you’re going for an edgy retro style, pin a grouping of buttons on your jean jacket. For a ’90s-inspired look, wear a choker necklace with one of your favorite scoop- or V-neck women’s T-shirts and a jean jacket. Or create an eclectic look that’s all your own with a strand of pearls—or several—with any outfit topped with a jean jacket. The ultra-dressy element imparts a high-fashion touch to the most casual denim-centric outfit.

Denim jackets are one of the most versatile pieces you can own. Experiment with pieces in your closet and pick up a few more for plenty of outfit possibilities.


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