Thanksgiving Dinner Outfits for the Host

Thanksgiving Dinner Outfits for the Host

If you are better at planning your meals than you are at planning your Thanksgiving attire, these quick tips will simplify your world. Use your go-to leggings, tunics, joggers, and jeans, but save a little something special for the main meal. Without too much fuss, you can get the comfort and style that every stage of holiday feasting requires. Here's what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner when you're hosting.

To Market: Your Grocery Shopping Go-To Must be Starfish Leggings and Tunic

Crowd-pleasing holiday meals call for crowd-pleasing quantities of...well...everything. For comfort and weekend style, your go-to is leggings and a tunic. Not just any leggings. Starfish leggings are the only ones you trust. Why? They’re made better, and stay opaque. No see-through worries here. A wider waistband won’t bind and cut as you search high and low for the secret spices and ingredients you buy once a year.

Slicing and Dicing: Meal Prep Calls for Active Joggers and a Throwback Top

It takes “all hands on deck” to turn out this feast. Thankfully the kids always make it home a day early to gather around the kitchen island and lend a hand. For you, it’s all about comfort, and a chance to create memories. Consider a pair of moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Active Joggers topped off with his favorite old t-shirt or your Dad’s Lands’ End Oxford, circa 1980. Might just trigger a few stories. Active Joggers provide you with all-day comfort for everything Feast Prep Day brings, from last-minute store runs to impromptu dance-offs. And the girls didn't know you could still do the running man! Vintage moves, girls. Vintage.

When Dinner is Served: Cashmere Sweater and a Pencil Skirt

Yes, you are dining in, but during the holidays your whole crew likes to dress like they are dining out at someplace a bit more high-end than the kids’ table in the den. (Sorry Bill. We'll get you moved to the adult table next year. Promise.) Take your place at the table looking like the meal was no trouble at all, dressed in a soft cashmere twinset and pencil skirt. The elastic waist and cotton knit comfort of the skirt make it the smartest idea since pre-sliced dinner rolls.

Late-Night Leftovers? Jeans and a Tunic

The majority of the guests head home, but the ones that stick around for one more hand of cards and turn that dinner roll into a leftover turkey-cranberry sandwich are nearest and dearest to your heart. With them, your holiday memories are built around blue jeans, forgiving tunics, and just one more guilt-free slice of cheesecake. Then tomorrow, you'll be slipping back into those Starfish Leggings, ready to get those holiday decorations hung. But that’s another day.


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