What to Wear to Your First Pride Parade

What to Wear to Your First Pride Parade

June is pride month! If you will be going to your first pride parade this year, no worries! Lands’ End has you covered. We have all the comfy, colorful clothes you will want to wear. Let’s look at a few options for showing off your pride.


Ever since the pride flag was invented in 1978, color has been a key part of showing your pride. Gilbert Baker, an artist, openly gay man, and a drag queen designed the rainbow flag. He later shared that he was urged to do so by Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gay elected officials in the United States. Milk wanted a symbol for the gay community to unite and share their pride.

If you want to show your pride as a member of the LGTBIQIA+ community or a proud ally of the community, get your color on! Go for the full rainbow if you like, or pick your favorite pop colors from the flag to show your support. Pride clothing is about individuality and fun!


If you have ever seen images from a pride parade, you know that whimsy is part of the fun! It’s not just rainbow flags and T-shirts that people will be wearing, it’s everything under the sun. Do you have Hawaiian leis with rainbow colors in them or Mardi Gras necklaces, or bright hair ornaments? Get them out for the occasion. What about heart-shaped sunglasses or bright makeup, or fun hair colors? You’ll fit right in. Pride parades are all about lively self-expression.

Cool and Comfy

Pride month is in June, so if you are going to go to your first parade, make sure to dress for the weather. A pair of women’s shorts and a women’s cotton tank top are great for starters if the mercury is expected to rise.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and sunglasses! If you will be walking in the pride parade, a backpack can be a handy way to stash your stuff and make sure you have a good spot for your water bottle. Rain rarely ruins a pride parade, so if it looks like you are likely to get wet, consider bringing a rain slicker. If it’s really hot out though, it might feel refreshing just to walk in the rain (at least for a while).


Women’s activewear is a great idea for a pride parade. You will want to be able to walk and dance along to the parade (and wicking fabrics are ideal for perspiration). Everything from exercise capris to T-shirts to racerback tops will keep you cool and looking great for the occasion.

Don’t forget the footwear! You are likely to be on your feet all day, so a good pair of walking shoes will be key. Add your favorite sneakers to whatever outfit you have going on, or why not match the bright colorways in your shoes to your outfit for a head-to-toe ensemble?

DIY Pride Parade Outfit

The sky is the limit when it comes to DIY pride parade outfits for several reasons. The occasion is casual, outdoors, and held in June, so you can start with all the casual summer possibilities. Add to that the bright colors and individual expression built into pride parades, and you have the perfect opportunity to design your own outfit. Are you going to the parade with a group? Why not make matching T-shirts or matching signs or wear matching hats?

You could start with the basics like a white T-shirt or tank top and play with brightly colored fabric paint or tie-dye to give it some rainbow oomph. We often stick to neutrals for pants and shorts, but if you have a bright pair that you want to show off (or an older white pair that you want to dye for the occasion), go for it. Are you a gal who loves glitter? Whether it’s in your hair, on your face, or on your clothes, it will go great at a pride parade. What about adding rhinestones to a top or tossing a feather boa around your neck? As long as you are respectful and go for the color, there really aren’t any rules. A pride parade outfit can be a little like a costume for a good cause—why not go all out?

Whatever you choose to wear to the pride parade, be yourself and have fun!


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