What to Wear to Work at Home

What to Wear to Work at Home

Never before have we seen such an increase in people working from home in such a short period of time. While working from home has many different pros and cons, one question that most work-at-home employees ponder at one time or another is what to wear to work at home.

The choices are bountiful, and even in more traditionally conservative and professional fields the ability to dress more casually and more comfortably can be an option for the first time. When thinking about whether the casual and comfy vibe is for you, there are several things to keep in mind.

• What is the dress code when you work on-site?

• Will you have any meetings that involve video of you at home?

• How much time do you want to devote to getting ready for work?

• Does your current wardrobe include items you can utilize in new ways while working from home?

• Can you accommodate home, work, and personal commitments by choosing wisely at the start of each day?

• How does clothing personally affect your mood, motivation, and overall productivity?

How to Build the Perfect Work from Home Outfit

First and foremost, be sure your work from home wardrobe meets the needs of your position and employer. If there are no written guidelines, reach out to someone within the organization if you are at all unsure about your choices. With employers relaxing dress code standards it is imperative that we do not take advantage of that to the detriment of the company we work for.

Now think about your typical daily routine when you go into work. Working from home can offer many benefits not the least of which is your time. Regardless, if your commute was 10 minutes or an hour, your destination is now only steps away. Not only can you save on the actual commute time but all that goes into getting to work every day. No need to bundle up and get the car ready, fill the tank with gas, pack a lunch, or stop for coffee.

Keeping a routine can be essential so you may consider getting up at the same time. This would allow you to reimagine how to start your day, with more autonomy and personal benefit. If it seems like you never get enough sleep, consider getting up a little bit later so you start the day fresh.

If you decide to keep the same time to get up as you would if you were going into work, consider alternatives to starting your day including practicing self-care. Here are some common as well as great self-care practices:

• Yoga

• Meditation or prayer

• Walking

• High energy exercising

• Dance it out

• Get some fresh air and sunshine

• Bike

• Sit down and eat (with your family if you can)

• Journal

• Give yourself a facial

• Reach out to friends and family electronically to stay up-to-date and feel connected

How to Build the Perfect Self-Care Time Outfit

Once you have decided how to spend your new “free” time, consider what clothes are best for those activities. Do you need to be able to move and stretch freely? A pair of comfy pants that have some spandex in them are comfortable for any type of physical activity, can be worn outside the house, and are great for all-day comfort (and lazy day weekend lounging too!). When working from home, people on the other end of a video call may not see your bottom half, but choosing appropriate styles and colors allows for more versatility now and after you return to working on-site.

Putting It All Together

Without a doubt, how you present yourself virtually during meetings is something to consider seriously. Refrain from inappropriate graphic tees or other tops that are better left for yard work and home remodeling. That doesn’t mean you cannot be comfortable and look good while working from home, exercising, running errands, or taking a break.

There are so many options when it comes to comfy women’s tops. The key is to stick to styles and colors that you like, that fit right, and that flatter you. Not to worry if you need special sizing, there are options for plus size women’s comfy clothes, petite, and even tall women. If you need to look a little more put together, you can throw on a scarf or some jewelry, maybe a little mascara or lipstick.

The bottom line is, do what works for you and your situation. If you’ve always wanted to wear cute comfy pajamas every day give it a shot and see how it works out for your other responsibilities and self-care too.

Make it easy on yourself. Practice some self-care while you have the chance. Take advantage of the “extra” time you have each day and make the most of it.

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