What To Wear to a Winter Concert

What To Wear to a Winter Concert

Going out to watch your favorite band – or maybe a band you’ve just discovered that you have on repeat – is a great way to break up your usual cold-weather routine. And, of course, it’s also the perfect opportunity to rock your cutest cold-weather concert looks. Whenever you go to a live show, you want to look on-trend, flattering, and fit the vibe of the music. Of course, it’s also just as important to wear a comfortable outfit so you can focus on enjoying the night.

Looking great is always easiest when you feel great, too. This is especially true for the wintertime when it can be tricky to balance staying cozy and warm with looking stylish. Read on for tips on what to wear to a concert and the different ways you’ll want to style certain outfits based on the venue, the weather, and the show's vibe.

Fleece-Lined Leggings and a Tunic Top or Sweater

Our first outfit idea for a winter concert is as warm and cozy as your favorite cold-weather pajamas but with a stylish twist that you’ll look amazing in (not that you don’t also look amazing in your cozy loungewear, of course). This look starts with a pair of insulated and oh-so-comfy fleece-lined leggings. Leggings are always a great choice for a concert because they’re flexible and easy to move around in, and the fleece-lined touch makes them especially practical for a winter show.

Leggings, of course, pair perfectly with a tunic-length top or a tunic sweater. If it’s particularly chilly, opt for a super insulted tunic sweater, and rock a thermal layer underneath if you’re worried about getting cold. Complete this look with lace-up ankle boots or knee-high boots if that’s your thing – just avoid anything with an uncomfortable heel unless you’ll be sitting most of the night.

High-Waist Straight-Leg Jeans and a Cropped Sweater

This next look is super on-trend yet still practical for a winter concert. Start this outfit with a pair of trendy light-wash ankle-cropped straight-leg jeans, ideally with a high or super-high waistline. Pair these bottoms with a boxy, cropped, textured sweater – like chenille or waffle knit – and opt for a color that provides a nice contrast with your light-wash jeans.

Something to keep in mind with this look is that it can be tough to find the right outerwear to rock with a boxy, cropped sweater. So, if you’re worried about staying warm, instead opt for a layer under your sweater, like a warm long-sleeve fitted tee that you can tuck into the waistline of your jeans. This outfit works great with slip-on Chelsea boots or chunky loafers.

Black Skinny Jeans an Oversized Band T-Shirt

This is a classic concert look, especially for a rock or indie show (although it works for any genre). This outfit requires a pair of black skinny jeans and your favorite band t-shirt – of course, you’ll get bonus points if it’s the band you’re going to see!

Since this outfit includes a short-sleeve t-shirt, you’ll want to bring a warm jacket layer. If you’re planning on rocking out at the show, though, avoid bringing a layer that’ll feel cumbersome all night. One great option is a packable down coat, which you can easily store in your bag when you’re not using it. If you’re going to go this route, just be sure that you don’t bring a teeny tiny purse – instead, opt for a cross-body bag that’ll fit your packable coat and your other night-out essentials. Pair this outfit with some cool kicks, like high-top sneakers or lace-up ankle boots.

Corduroy Leggings With a Fitted Tee and an Oversized Cardigan

The next outfit on our list also includes some cozy, insulated leggings. Corduroy leggings are ideal for a winter concert because they’re warm, comfy, flexible, flattering, and also happen to be on-trend. Opt for a pair of black, navy, or burgundy corduroy leggings and pair them with a fitted tee. A band tee works great here, but if you don’t have one, don’t fret! Any simple fitted crewneck t-shirt works with this look.

For added warmth and a flattering silhouette, complete this outfit with an oversized cardigan sweater. Make sure you choose an itch-free fabric that keeps you nice and toasty, like chenille, cashmere, or fleece. Opt for slip-on Chelsea boots, lace-up ankle boots, or a pair of high-top sneakers for your footwear.

Seeing live music, dancing with your friends, and getting out and about is an instant remedy for any winter blues (and perhaps a chance to catch that blues musician you’ve always wanted to see). With one of these outfits on, you’ll be guaranteed to look the part without sacrificing comfort.


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