What to Wear to Virtual Christmas Dinner with Your Family

What to Wear to Virtual Christmas Dinner with Your Family

All kinds of activities have gone virtual this year—including Christmas dinners. Don’t let the distance get you down. Enjoy the warmth of good food and conversation while looking and feeling your best. Let’s look at some fashion options for a virtual Christmas dinner with your family. Celebrate in style!

Before You Dress for Dinner

Plan the menu in advance, just like you would if you were having company over. Maybe for you, this is a small turkey or ham dinner with all the fixings. Or perhaps this year, you choose to go super casual and enjoy your favorite winter soup and salad or even a pizza. Make sure to time the cooking (or delivery) of your meal with the timing of your virtual family dinner.

Most of us have become adept at using various video chat platforms in the last year or so, but make sure that your electronic equipment is in good condition and you know any web addresses or dial-in numbers that you will need to connect. You’ll want to start visiting when everyone else does!

Be sure to have good lighting for your virtual Christmas dinner. Consider a bright overhead light or perhaps a ring light attached to your screen. Of course, you want everyone to see your bright smile!

Wear Something Festive

We all know that when we look good, we feel good. There’s no need to dress formally (unless you want to!), but a fun Christmas sweater will add to the good cheer for both you and your family. Think about what colors and styles look best on you. Maybe the right shade of green brings out your eyes, or a lovely bright red looks great with your skin tone and hair. Perhaps a cozy women’s cardigan would be just the ticket.

Be Comfortable

One of the best parts of a virtual Christmas dinner with your family is that the dress code can be more flexible. Maybe you have an aunt you love who expects all the ladies to wear a dress and heels, but you would really prefer women’s jeans and slippers from the waist down. Virtual dinner to the rescue! You can dress up for the screen and just be comfy with the rest of your outfit. On the other hand, go for it if you love to dress up. Maybe a fit and flare dress is in order. They are perfect for dressing up and staying comfortable at the same time.

No Need for Outerwear

Another advantage of a virtual Christmas dinner with your family is that there is no commute. Regardless of how frightful the weather may be, you can enjoy your own festive meal (with all your favorites, whether anyone else likes them or not) in the comfort of your own home. If you are one of those devoted warm-weather family members who is a trooper and travels to the frozen North each year, you get to take a year off from all of that! No navigating icy roads, crowded airports, or plotting and planning how to stay warm and dry. Leave those coats and boots in the closet. Put a fire in the fireplace or light some candles to create some ambiance or if you live where it is truly warm, enjoy dinner on your deck or patio while the others stay indoors.

Matching Outfits

For a fun twist on a virtual Christmas dinner with your family, suggest matching outfits a few weeks in advance to the crew. Perhaps something simple like everyone wears a red sweater or if your family has a favorite Christmas plaid or other clothing tradition, go for that. Do you share the same alma mater or have favorite sports teams? Maybe this is the year to break with tradition and have everyone show their school or team spirit instead of sticking with red and green.

What About a Pajama Party for Christmas Dinner?

For the ultimate in comfort (and funny stories to tell at future in-person Christmas dinners!), what if everyone wears pajamas? You could all arrange to wear matching family Christmas pajamas in advance or just your own favorite pair of comfy cozy pajamas. Mind you, this option may not be for every family, but if you are enjoying the tradition of a family Christmas dinner with different rules this year, why not break one just for fun? The next time you are all able to meet in person, this won’t be nearly as practical (at least for the adults).

Take advantage of the special opportunities that having a virtual Christmas dinner with your family offers. You can have all the same love and warmth, enjoy all the same great food, and look your best doing it—all on your own terms. Now, that’s a Christmas gift we can all enjoy.


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