What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

It’s wedding season! If you're looking for a beautiful and comfy outfit to wear to a summer wedding, no worries. Lands’ End has your back. Let’s look at what to wear to a summer wedding.

Something “Old”

When deciding what to wear to a summer wedding, consider going “shopping” in your own closet. The rules for wedding wear have changed and become more flexible than they once were. Do you have a great black dress that you know is sophisticated and comfy, too? Why not wear it to the wedding? Unless the wedding couple and their families are extremely traditional, a black dress for an evening wedding will look lovely.

If you like capsule wardrobes, make sure to include a dress or pants and a top combination in your capsule that will work for special occasions. The beauty of a capsule wardrobe is not only the ease of decision-making when getting dressed, but by buying fewer clothes, you can afford higher quality garments that will last for years to come. Often the best “new outfits” come from wardrobe staples that are changed up with different jewelry or shoes.

Something New

Of course, it never hurts to buy yourself something new! If it’s been a while since you have treated yourself to a new outfit that makes you feel fantastic, perhaps it’s time. For a new ensemble, start with the measurements for your current curves. Our bodies are changing all the time, and you might need a different size of dress, top, or pants than the last time you shopped. Whether you're petite, plus, tall, or somewhere in between, Lands’ End has something for you. We fit everybody.

Consider a fit and flare dress if you're looking for a nice summer wedding outfit. They're fitted from the waist up and have a graceful A-line silhouette for the skirt, making them an easy breezy choice for summer. You can also dress a fit and flare dress up or down with your choice of shoes and jewelry.

Something “Borrowed”

You can always borrow something from a friend or family member for the occasion, but you can also borrow from your own closet. “Break up” your suits in new and exciting ways. Perhaps you have a skirt and blazer combination or a pantsuit combination that would look great as separated. Take those pants, ditch the blazer and add a tunic top for a new look. Or borrow that blazer from your “interviewing suit” and pair it with a different skirt or pants for a new look. Indulge yourself. Fashion should be fun!

Something Blue

Have you ever bought just the right shade of blue (or red, green, yellow, or pink) and felt fabulous in it? Wear the colors that go best with your skin, eyes, and hair. The right colors will make you look and feel brighter. If you're unsure about what looks best on you, try to recall a time when you tried on a new garment and were taken aback by how great it looked. You can also make this a fun project by exploring seasonal color analysis. There are easy books and websites available to guide you in the right direction to looking amazing.

Something PRIDE-ful

Are you attending a wedding with two brides or two grooms (or just want to show off your pride)? Add a festive touch of pride clothing or pride accessories to your ensemble. Something as simple as a rainbow pin, tie, scarf, or jewelry can be fun—and rainbow colors look great when you put them on a backdrop of either white or black. It used to be that wearing white to a wedding was considered unacceptable because white was reserved for the bride(s). If you want to go in a cool white suit or dress, just chat with the wedding couple in advance to make sure that your outfit won’t detract from the wedding party. You want to be respectful and festive.

Something Cool

Did someone say “summer” wedding? There is a good chance that you will appreciate a cool outfit regardless of the venue and the air conditioning. If the wedding is outdoors, this becomes more important, but if you're dancing the night away in a climate-controlled ballroom, you will still want to stay cool and comfy.

Linen is a lovely solution for summer weddings. This natural fabric is beautiful, dressier than cotton, and breathes. Consider a women’s linen shirt and linen palazzo pants for a sophisticated and comfy look. Just add an elegant pair of flats and you're ready to go. If you opt for linen, just make sure that you or your dry cleaner will have your outfit ironed in advance for the wedding. Linen is gorgeous, but it wrinkles.

Whatever dress style you decide on, remember the most important part is feeling your best! Pick a style that you feel comfortable and confident in. Enjoy looking and feeling great at those summer weddings!


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