What to Wear to a Folk Music Concert

What to Wear to a Folk Music Concert

Are you going to a folk music concert? Fun! They're a great atmosphere to enjoy family, friends, and great music. Let’s look at some outfits to wear to one.

Jeans and a Flannel Shirt

A great look for a folk music concert is the classic women’s jeans with a flannel shirt. This ensemble is comfy and stylish while fitting in with folk music's casual vibe. Depending on the weather, you could wear a flannel shirt over a tank top for extra warmth and take the flannel off for a sleeveless option if you get too hot. You could also tie the flannel at or above your waist or wear it tied backward around your waist. For footwear, consider booties or cowboy boots.

If the evening will likely turn cool, a flannel shacket is a great option. Another easy way to stay warm is to bring a fleece jacket. If you buy one jacket, make it a fleece. You can wear it year-round, from cool summer evenings to brisk fall mornings to layering it under a winter coat to keeping cozy when spring hits.

Maxi Skirt With a Cami Top

A fun look for a folk music concert is to go flowy and casual in a maxi skirt with a camisole or women’s cotton tank top. This is also a great outfit for swaying or dancing to the music!

If maxi skirts aren’t your style, consider a midi skirt. They evoke the same cute and casual feel while being a bit easier to navigate if you will be walking long distances (you never have to hold up their hem). Midi skirts have an easy, breezy feel and are great for concerts in hot weather. A fun version of a midi skirt is a hippie skirt. From fun and fabulous to perfect patchwork, these skirts are delightful to wear. Just slip one on, and you will want to twirl barefoot to the music.

Jeans and a T-shirt

Your favorite jeans and a T-shirt are great go-to outfits for a folk music concert. As this is a casual concert, any wash of jeans from dark to medium to light will work. Distressed jeans can also be fun. Just pair them with a comfy T-shirt, and you are ready to go. For a classic look, a white T-shirt is always good. Tie-dyed T-shirts, embellished T-shirts, and bright colors are whimsical options that will have you looking and feeling great, too.

If you enjoy crafting, consider decorating a T-shirt for the occasion. From homemade tie-dye shirts to bedazzled shirts to shirts decorated with fabric markers, it can be great fun to make your shirt. If you are going to the concert with a group of friends, you could even make matching or coordinating T-shirts in advance. You can buy inexpensive T-shirts and all the supplies you might need at your local craft store. A quick online search will yield fun videos on how to decorate T-shirts, with options for all experience levels.

Cut-Off Shorts and a T-shirt

For a warm-weather folk music concert, your favorite cut-off jeans shorts and a women’s T-shirt or tank top are great choices. You can buy ready-made jean shorts. With the options available these days, you can find jean shorts with everything from neat hems to full-on distressed fringes.

If you have a pair of jeans you would like to make into cut-off shorts, start by trying them on and marking them with chalk where you think you should cut them off. Take the jeans and lie them flat on a table so they are matched up. Using fabric scissors, cut an inch or two longer than you think you will need. That way, you can try them on again as shorts and make a final decision about how short you would like them. Keep in mind that cut-off shorts can also naturally get shorter as they unravel over time. “Measure twice and cut once” is wise advice for creating cute cut-off jeans shorts.

Footwear for a Folk Music Concert

You can wear your cutest and most casual footwear to a folk music concert. Everything from your favorite women’s sandals to your trusty tennis shoes will do. When planning footwear, find out how far you will likely be walking to the concert area once you get to the venue. Parking lots can sometimes create hikes, and you’ll want to be comfortable the whole time.

With a bit of planning, you will be cute, comfy, and dancing to the music. Enjoy going to the folk music concert!


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