What To Wear to a Concert

What To Wear to a Concert

Concerts are lovely because they’re an opportunity to enjoy your favorite musicians in person. One of the best parts of a concert is enjoying the good vibes from the performers and the audience. At a concert, everyone has a good time enjoying the music, atmosphere, and energy.

If you have a concert coming up, you may be wondering what to wear. Your outfit will have to work with the weather, location, and performers. With some planning, you can settle on an outfit that will look and feel good throughout your evening.

Bring Comfort Essentials

It’s essential to be comfortable during the concert. If you’re going to a summer concert during the day, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are vitally important. There will likely be no shade, so you’ll be exposed to sun rays all day. You want to avoid excessive sun exposure for safety and comfort.

Bug spray is a lifesaver if the concert is outside and at night especially. While at the concert, you don’t want to think about itchy bug bites; you want your mind free to enjoy the music.

If the weather signs opposite and you're looking at a cold weather event, opt for a parka and bring a pair of gloves and a scarf. If you run cold, bring a fleece blanket and keep hand and foot warmers with you.

Styling Your Outfit

The vital part of dressing for a concert is ensuring that your clothes keep you comfortable. Take inspiration from these outfit ideas and create your own personalized look with accessories.


  • Jeans or jean shorts is an excellent look with a casual shirt.
  • Yoga pants can be a great alternative to jeans while still covering your legs to keep them protected from sun, bugs, and cold.
  • A long open cardigan over a tee shirt with leggings and tall boots is an excellent way to prioritize comfort without missing out on style.

Dress it Up:

  • Or pick out a flowing dress with ankle booties for fun in an easy breezy look.
  • A super cute look is a jumper with Chelsea boots for a comfortable, stylish outfit.
  • Alternatively, you can opt for a shirt and midi skirt combination.

Light Layers

The tricky part of dressing for concerts is that it’s hard to know how warm to dress. Particularly with a packed concert where everyone is close together, there’s a good chance it will get hot. That’s why an easy layer you can take off and wrap around your waist is an excellent way to go. For example, an overshirt like flannel shirts or lightweight sweatshirts for women are perfect for the event. If you'd like a more free-form fabric, a shawl is a good way to go because it can be used over your shoulders to keep you warm or protect you from the sun.


You must wear shoes that are comfortable and supportive. At a concert, you’ll be standing for some, if not all, the time, so think about what shoes support your knees and back. A sneaker or women’s comfort shoe is a great way to go. Sandals are cute, but your feet may get uncomfortable if you’re outside for long periods, like at a concert. Not to mention, having open-toed shoes leaves your feet vulnerable to bug bites.


Concerts can be an excellent opportunity to purchase clothing featuring your band that you can’t get anywhere else. While some folks have a stigma that you shouldn’t wear the band’s merch to the show, we think it’s great to support the band by wearing their apparel. If you have band merch from previous concerts, wear it! A super cute look is the band tee shirt paired with a long, flowing, flower-patterned skirt. You’ll have ease of movement and also enough coverage.

What Else To Bring

You’ll want a small bag to carry essentials such as a phone, wallet, keys, tickets, bug spray, and sunscreen. Earplugs can be a lifesaver if your tickets are close to the speakers. They’re small and easily kept in your pocket or purse if you don’t want them, but they’re great if you anticipate needing them.

Attending a concert is a great way to spend the day or evening with loved ones and have some pure fun and good vibes. Likely, most other folks at the concert will be similar to you with shared interests. Concerts are the ultimate way to unite a crowd to share their love for music.

What you wear to a concert can have a big effect on the way you feel. To feel your most confident and self-assured, wear what makes you the most comfortable and fits your vibe best. Whether you wear a concert shirt and jeans with Chelsea boots or a flannel and a skirt, your comfort is important.


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