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What To Wear To A Blake Shelton Concert

When deciding what to wear while attending a rock or country music concert, the key is to choose an outfit that perfectly walks the line between comfortable and fashionable. Usually, this means a pair of broken-in denim jeans, your favorite band T-shirt, and a pair of cool but comfy boots or sneakers. However, when attending a Blake Shelton concert, you can wear the headliner’s fashion brand.

“When you know what works, you stick with it,” Shelton has said of his own unpretentious, casually cool Blake Shelton clothing line. “Flannel shirt, jeans, a great jacket…when clothes are done right, it’s just easy.” Here’s how to wear it.

Blake Shelton Outfits

When dressing for a Blake Shelton country music concert, take advice from the man himself: be comfortable. This new clothing line is all about looking good because you feel good. From men’s pearl button flannels to women’s dresses, this clothing line from country music legend Blake Shelton puts your comfort first.

That’s not to say, however, that these clothes aren’t also classically stylish and timeless in their no-frills, casual-cool look and feel. In addition to being incredibly comfortable and practical, dressing in Blake Shelton’s clothing line also offers your wardrobe an air of effortlessness and enduring style. Besides, who doesn’t look great in a classic plaid button-down shirt?

Dressing For An Indoor Concert

If you plan to attend this show at an indoor venue, you have plenty of options for styling. No matter what the occasion or the season, we always recommend layers. For an indoor concert, this could be as simple as bringing an extra flannel shirt in case of overzealous air conditioner use at your venue.

Nothing says country music like a flannel and a pair of boot-cut jeans worn with your favorite boots. Make sure to wear a cool tee underneath your flannel in case you warm up during the show. When that happens, simply tie your flannel around your waist (where it’s guaranteed to look just as cool as when you’re actually wearing it.)

Styling Yourself for An Outdoor Concert In The Summer

Do you plan on attending a Blake Shelton concert at an outdoor stadium or arena this summer? Perhaps you think you might find yourself running to catch his set at a certain country music festival later this year? You will want to ensure you are dressed well to enjoy this show in hot summer weather.

A light-colored chambray Blake Shelton shirt from his line of work shirts is an excellent option for an outdoor concert. These shirts are lightweight, cool, and comfortable and casual-dressy, making them easily dressed up or down depending on the venue. Although designed to be a men’s work shirt, this shirt can be worn by anybody- we recommend getting an oversized fit, rolling the sleeves up, and tucking it into a cute denim skirt.

How to Dress For A Winter Outdoor Concert

Regularly playing in large outdoor venues, you’ll likely need to be prepared to see Blake Shelton play while dealing with the winter’s elements at some point. Luckily, Blake Shelton jackets and fleeces are up to the task.

The cold weather collection includes a wide range of outerwear, from thick, rugged denim jackets and rancher coats to waterproof down expedition parkas. The collection also offers many quality layering options such as pull-over fleeces and double-lined flannel shirts.

Accessorizing and More

When attending any event, accessories can take even more precedence than the rest of your outfit- and for good reason. Your chosen accessories, such as which handbag you bring, for a concert or show, can be more important than the T-shirt or dress you decide to wear. For those who usually carry a handbag, clutch, or purse, we recommend choosing a cross-body bag for a large concert such as this. This bag style will always be comfortably but solidly attached to you, so there’s little chance of losing it or having it stolen.

Additional accessories like jewelry choice go a long way for the added flair and funk. You can fully alter the entire vibe of your outfit with a simple pair of earrings. Elevate your casual and comfy cool girl T-shirt and jeans look with a pair of drop earrings and a few bangles on each wrist. And, of course: don’t forget your cowboy hat.

“It’s really fashion for folks who want to look good and feel comfortable, no matter where or what they’re doing.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Blake.


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