What to Wear to a Baseball Game

What to Wear to a Baseball Game

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd! You are on your way to a baseball game and you need something to wear while snacking on your hot dog and watching your team load up the bases and run 'em in. What are some good options? Whether you have never been to a baseball game or are a committed fan, here are some ideas for outfits you can wear to a baseball game.

For The Casual Attendees

Maybe your friend invited you to the game or you are trying to connect to your date's sports passion. You aren't (yet) all into this whole baseball thing. That's all right! A good place to start is with a chill outfit that will help you blend in and enjoy yourself.

For those who don't know, baseball season happens in the spring and summer months, so you are likely to be in both chilly and warmer weather. For the beginning of the season, a good pair of jeans makes sense. Make sure they are comfortable because baseball games can last a while. Switch to shorts as the days get hotter and bring something to sit on so you don't get your seat sweaty.

On top, a women's t-shirt makes the most sense. Almost anything will be fine here as long as you are comfortable. Alternatively, a light cami top would work if the day is warm. If you want to shift your outfit a little more "baseball," consider wearing a baseball tee with a white or gray colored torso and black or navy sleeves. If it's colder, go with a long-sleeve tee and bring along a jacket. A flannel overlayer could also be a fun addition; plus, if you pick a colorful one, it would give your outfit some visual interest.

Add a comfy pair of tennis shoes or sandals and you are good to go. Make sure you take a selfie with the mascot or near the entrance to mark your first days as a baseball fan.

For The Avid Watcher

If you are ready to take the next step in your baseball outfits, start working in some fanwear. Start slow with your typical jeans and t-shirt but add a baseball cap with your team logo. Wear it forward or backward with some sunglasses for a cool vibe. If you keep your outfit in simple basic colors and choose a hat with a bold logo or high contrast, you can subtly shift the focus of your outfit to the team of your choice.

If you aren't satisfied with just a hat, show your support by kicking things up a notch with a team t-shirt. There are lots of shirts and tank tops with team logos on them. One great idea is a black and white team hat with a gray women's tank top sporting a faded logo over white capris or shorts and black converse. Another fun look would be white shorts matched with a darker navy shirt with the name of your team emblazoned on the front.

Progress further down the baseball fan path with a tote bag that is either in the team colors or sports your team's logo. Don't forget your sunglasses and remember to bring some sunscreen to protect your skin as you cheer your team around the bases.

For The Committed Fanatic

For those who know they love baseball and aren't afraid to show it, these ideas are for you! One idea is to plan your outfit around the team colors. If your team sports red, black, and white, stay within that color scheme! Choose a black tank with the team logo in red and pair it with some white pants and shoes. Finish this look off with a red hat with black accents and your team's players will know you are there to support them.

Another idea is to rock a favorite player's jersey top over your jeans. Get a hat in the player's style to match. Bonus points if you can get a twinsy pic with that favorite player. Bring along a tote bag with your team's colors and logo and be sure to pack a throw blanket with the team logo to keep yourself warm at night.

Don't stop there! If you want to go crazy, add a bit of face paint and a foam finger or a flag, so you can cheer your heart out as your players run home.

Remember, baseball is America's favorite pastime, so you should wear something that helps you enjoy the game to the fullest.


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