What to Wear on a Winter Hike

What to Wear on a Winter Hike

The weather turning cold doesn’t mean you have to hang up your hiking apparel just yet. However, frigid weather calls for a tweak to your usual hiking apparel, shoes, and gear. Outdoor adventurers know that winter is still a beautiful time to go hiking, especially on days when you just need fresh air after being cooped up too long inside warm and toasty homes. There are so many amazing sights to behold beyond the kitchen coffee maker.

Preparing for a winter hike shouldn’t be difficult if you know what type of apparel and gear to wear for your journey outdoors. First, purchase comfortable base layers and pants. Then, you’ll want quality outerwear with the ideal weight and fit. Also, durable shoes with reliable traction will keep you steady as you trek on the trails. And finally, winter accessories like a hat and a pair of gloves, along with a backpack, will aid in creating the ideal hiking experience. So, jot down some notes to prepare for your next outdoor winter adventure.

Base Layers to Keep You Comfortable

Long-sleeved women’s t-shirts and tops work well as a base layer for winter hiking, plus they’re easy to find anywhere on and offline. Whether you’re looking for something stylish or basic, long-sleeved T-shirts and tops are a must for short or long winter hikes. Also, comfortable fleece tops will lend an extra dose of warmth and protection from cold weather. Plus, fleece just feels so nice, and you can find many trendy fleece tops. If it’ll be an especially cold winter day, a snug sweatshirt will keep you nice and warm in cozy style. And you can wear that same sweatshirt for lounging around the house too.

You’ll want a new, comfy sports bra that perfectly fits you. Look out for ideal features for a supportive fit, such as compression, a front or back clasp, underwire, moisture-wicking, adjustable straps, removable padding, and integrated padding. The right sports bra features will keep you from pulling and tugging at your clothes while you’re trying to enjoy your time out in Mother Nature.

Choice Bottoms for Cold Conditions

To go with your tops, invest in quality fleece bottoms too. Or pull on some cargo pants with an adjustable or elasticized waist and multiple convenient pockets for your essentials. Make sure to choose a fabric that allows for ease of movement.

You probably already own ample pairs of stylish and versatile leggings. But, if you know you’ll be exploring rough terrain while outdoors, you’ll probably want to purchase additional pairs of stretchy, moisture-wicking leggings to add to your collection that can take on the wear and tear of your outdoor adventures. If you know you’ll be snapping photos, make sure to wear leggings with eye-catching patterns and designs that’ll look good set against a natural background. However, versatile solid hues will go with almost anything in your outdoor-ready wardrobe.

Stylish Frigid Weather-Ready Layers

Again, you can’t go wrong with quality fleece, and a fleece jacket or vest layers well over your long-sleeved T-shirts and tops. But on colder winter days, you might want something a bit thicker for optimal warmth, such as down coats. Lightweight down coats offer warmth without the bulk, allowing you to move freely without overheating as you trek through mountains. Also, for even more convenience, packable jackets will elevate your hiking game. If you think you’re overheating, just pack your jacket in your backpack and continue your journey.

Sturdy Shoes for Rough Terrain

Don’t opt for those stylish, platform booties for hiking. Yes, you don’t want to sacrifice style for function, but if your goal is for ideal support at every stride, you’ll want to invest in durable, superior boots for your outdoor adventure. The right women’s winter boots will provide the ideal comfort you seek. Keep an eye out for easy closures, cushioning, traction, and a waterproof finish that’ll stand up to adverse conditions. Women’s duck boots offer even more protection against the elements, and they’re also so cute to boot. Make sure to choose the right pair of lightweight, midweight, or heavyweight socks that lend optimal cushioning and breathability to wear with your boots.

Cozy Accents for Additional Protection

Top off your outdoor style with the right cold-weather accessories. A fashionable, toasty knit winter hat, beanie, trapper hat, fleece headband, or earmuffs will keep the cold at bay. Cover up your hands in waterproof, tech-friendly winter gloves so that you won’t have to remove your gloves when accessing your device. Finally, wrap around your neck a cashmere or cotton knit scarf.

Make sure to pack a convenient plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, or glass water bottle with a sleeve. As for packing, find a durable backpack that isn’t too heavy. Unless you’re camping overnight, you wouldn’t need too many pockets and compartments—just enough space for a short trip.

Whether you’re heading out to hike alone, with the tribe, or with your friends, hiking is a great way to escape the indoors during winter. Even on cold days, the right clothes, shoes, and gear will prepare you for an exciting day exploring the great outdoors.

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