What to Wear on Each Day of the 8-Day Hanukkah Celebration

What to Wear on Each Day of the 8-Day Hanukkah Celebration

Stay comfortable and stylish on all eight days of Hanukkah with the right holiday apparel. We’ve put together a guide to help you choose outfits for each day of celebration. These looks aren’t in any particular order, so wear them on whichever days of Hanukkah work best for you.

Also, there aren’t any strict requirements for Hanukkah fashions in most traditions, so take these fashion ideas as suggestions to build upon. Modify these outfits to suit your wardrobe and lifestyle as you see fit:

Day One

Begin the Festival of Lights with a blue-and-white outfit. These are traditional colors for the Jewish faith and often worn for the Hanukkah holiday. To celebrate the beginning of this eight-day period, consider a dressy outfit such as a blue women’s skirt and white blouse.

If your family holds more casual Hanukkah celebrations, pair blue leggings with an oversize white sweater and add a blue-and-white scarf. Women’s boots balance out the look while protecting your feet against the winter chill.

Day Two

Switch things up on the second day with comfy loungewear. You can stick with the blue-and-white color scheme or go for your favorite hue. Monochromatic looks are on-trend yet classic enough to wear while running holiday errands.

Denim is another option for the Hanukkah period, especially during the day when you’re shopping, wrapping presents or getting the evening’s holiday meal together. Skinny jeans provide a structured look with comfortable stretch and pair well with tunic sweaters and turtlenecks.

Day Three

Keep things semi-casual with a long skirt in navy or a lighter blue color. You can wear it with a white or ivory cashmere turtleneck and your favorite scarf. Women’s fashion scarves not only provide extra warmth in the winter but also work as stylish accessories. If you want to impart further dazzle to your look, add a pair of statement earrings or a sparkling brooch on your sweater or jacket.

You can also wear dress pants and a white blouse. Although navy is always classic, consider branching out with khaki, charcoal gray, or black and adding blue-and-white accessories. Even your outerwear—such as your winter coat and winter accessories such as women’s scarves and hats can reflect the holiday color scheme and tie your look together.

Day Four

A sweater dress in blue with a blazer or jacket is warm, comfortable and holiday-appropriate for Hanukkah. Sweater dresses look stylish with women’s boots, whether you prefer an ankle boot or a calf-high style. You can also wear them with flat dress shoes or heels for a more formal holiday look.

When you’re ready to relax for the evening after holiday festivities, cozy up to a pair of fleece pajamas and a Sherpa-lined robe. There are wintry prints like plaid and buffalo check, along with matching women’s slippers for a cozy accompaniment. If you’re looking for a thoughtful Hanukkah gift for the hardworking party hostess, pick up an extra pair.

Day Five

Leggings with a boyfriend-fit flannel and T-shirt are a must for cozy days at home during Hanukkah. You can also wear this look to a casual holiday party or out shopping. Boyfriend-fit flannel shirts are similar to traditional ones, except they’re designed to be roomier. If you want the feel of leggings with the look of jeans, wear jeggings in your favorite denim wash.

Day Six

Attend the lighting of the menorah on day six in an outfit that combines casual and dressy elements. A monogrammed long-sleeve polo in light or medium blue is a holiday-ready option that you can pair with winter-white slacks and dress shoes. Or consider a blue-and-white plaid flannel with women’s dress pants and ankle boots, then add some gold or gold-tone jewelry pieces to further dress up the look.

Day Seven

You might be wondering if it’s OK to recycle outfits throughout the holiday season. We think so—especially if you change things up with some different accessories. For example, the same tunic-and-legging combo you wore a week ago can look fresh if you wear it with a new scarf or an oversized women’s handbag in a statement hue.

Although the holiday is nearing its end, you can still bring the festive spirit with dazzling costume jewelry in attention-getting and seasonally appropriate blue-and-white tones. If you enjoy minimalist fashion, a pair of pearl studs and a matching necklace with a blue pin is classic and elegant.

Day Eight

Save your favorite outfit for the last day of Hanukkah. If you’re attending a party, there are plenty of Hanukkah gifts you can bring the hostess and other attendees. A sheath dress in navy or another neutral color and dress shoes is one idea, or you can opt for a dressy women’s white blouse and long blue maxi skirt.

Post-Holiday Loungewear

Relax and unwind after the Hanukkah holiday with women’s loungewear. As mentioned, there are cozy women’s sweatshirts and sweatpants perfect for relaxing at home, along with flannel pajamas to keep you warm and comfy on cold winter nights. Slip into women’s yoga pants and your favorite athletic top to for a cycling session or online fitness class to stretch and decompress after the holidays.


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