What to Wear on the Boardwalk This Summer

What to Wear on the Boardwalk This Summer

Summer is the absolute best time of year to enjoy some quality time strolling on the boardwalk. With the sun beating down on your skin, the sound of the ocean waves gently lapping against the shoreline in the distance, and the salty sea air all around you, you’re destined to lose yourself in the moment and feel more at ease than you have in a long while.

Of course, you need to wear your most comfortable attire when it’s so hot outside. Skyrocketing temperatures can make it difficult to wear anything but the lightest and airiest vacation clothing. If you want to make sure you pack accordingly, here’s what you might want to wear as you take to the boardwalk during the warmest months of the year.

Swimsuit Cover-Up

If you’re planning to hit the sand and sea first, then you need something you can easily throw on over your bathing suit when you’re done. While the sun will dry you off relatively quickly, make sure you’ve got a quality beach towel handy so that you can dab away any lingering moisture.

Then, throw on a cute beach cover up. It’s easy to transition from beach to boardwalk when your cover up resembles a stylish dress. On a particularly steamy day, opt for a sleeveless cover up that looks perfect with your sandals or flip flops. Look for additional features like sun-protective fabric. It prevents harsh ultraviolet rays from harming your skin — but it doesn’t serve as a substitute for sunscreen, so make sure you have that on hand, too!

Breezy Cotton Dress

It’s for good reason that the bulk of your summer wardrobe consists of cotton! The material is everything to your comfort during the balmy summer months. This natural fabric promotes ample air circulation, so it will dry down quickly if you perspire. More importantly, it absorbs moisture like a dream, so you’ll feel cool and fresh no matter how hot it might get out there.

For effortless boardwalk wear, try cotton summer dresses. They’re available in varying lengths, solid colors, and patterns, making it simple for you to express yourself even when it’s unimaginably hot out there. Choose your style based on your activities. Stopping by a restaurant for some lunch? Try something that’s a little more on the polished side and slip into a pair of metallic sandals for a pulled-together look. Just wandering and popping into souvenir shops? A breezy button-front style is a great choice.

Shorts and T-Shirt

There are few outfits more synonymous with summer than shorts and T-shirts. You have so many options where these two ubiquitous pieces are concerned, making it easier than ever to mix and match and create looks that you love. Want to wear something understated and low-key so that you can show off a bold statement necklace? It’s easy in a pair of neutral shorts and a plain white shirt.

Or, for a look that’s both fashionable and comfortable, try a pair of high waisted shorts with a light tee tucked into it. Step into a pair of slides, or opt for chunky sneakers if you’re planning to walk a lot. The shorts-and-tee combination is also ideal if you’re going for a run on the boardwalk.

Skirt and Top

If you aren’t quite in the mood to wear shorts but also don’t want to wear a dress, try the next best thing: a chic skirt and a complimentary top. Skirts offer the added advantage of enhanced air circulation, so you’ll feel as cool and fresh as possible even as the temperature slowly creeps up. They’re also easy to pair with all different kinds of tops, including tanks and tees.

To achieve the ultimate beach-friendly look, slip into a stylish skirt. It’s just the right length, providing you with the comfort you expect of a summertime garment and the appeal of something that’s just a little more polished. You can pair it with anything from a cropped top to a tank top. Throw a denim jacket over the top if you’re strolling on a slightly breezier evening. Your skirt and top will look perfect with anything from wedges to flip flops.

To ensure that you’ve got options going for you during your beach getaway, make sure to pack a little bit of everything for the journey. Include a variety of tops, at least one or two skirts and pairs of shorts, and a cover up or two. You’ll love having different options available for every day of your getaway.


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