What to Wear on a Long Plane Ride

What to Wear on a Long Plane Ride

Packing the right outfit to wear on a long plane ride is an art form. Many seasoned travelers, whether adventurous backpackers or professionals traveling for business, quickly come to understand the importance of wearing a comfortable outfit on long-haul flights. If you have a long flight coming up and you are trying to figure out what to wear, take a look at these tips that will help you dress fashionably, yet comfortably.

Pack a Comfy, Stylish Outfit You Can Wear in the Airport and on the Flight

If you are going to be on a long-haul flight, especially one overnight, it’s not a bad idea to pack a comfy, chic outfit that will not only make you look stylish and fabulous in the airport but also make you feel incredibly comfortable on the plane. Something like an oversized tee with a pair of leggings and a cute statement jacket can make you look trendy, but more importantly, will ensure you are comfortable. Or, if you'd prefer something a little looser and roomier, pair a soft cardigan sweater with a pair of linen pants. It'll look chic, but the simple, two-piece ensemble will feel as luxuriously soft as pajamas.

Wear a Scarf

Since there isn’t a lot of room to stretch out on a plane, wear a big scarf that will double as a blanket. Flights tend to get a little chilly when you’re 35,000 feet up in the air, and since you won’t have much room for a big, plush blanket and a pillow, pack a comfy, soft scarf that you can wrap up in when you get cold.

A Neck Pillow, Ear Plugs, and Eye Mask

These are absolutely essential on long-haul flights. Unless you are flying in first class on a lavish airline where you will be guaranteed your own private pod to sleep in, getting shut-eye on a long-haul flight is not easy for most people. Although this is the case, there are things you can do to make your chances of sleeping a little better. If you are on an overnight flight, establish a little bedtime routine to get in the mood for sleep: change into some comfy nightwear if possible, put on a pair of warm socks, take your makeup off, give your skin a little pampering with a sheet mask, and take a natural sleep aid like melatonin. Give your neck some support with a neck pillow and doze off with a podcast or a movie before attempting to get some sleep. An eye mask will do wonders for blocking out light and if you don’t have earplugs, use a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Cozy Shoes or Slippers and Fuzzy Socks

If you are going to be on a plane ride for fourteen hours, you definitely want your feet to be as warm and comfortable as possible. Go ahead and pack a pair of heels for your trip, but don’t plan to wear them on the plane if they are not comfortable. Feeling relaxed is a top priority on long flights. Put on a pair of fuzzy socks or shearling fur slippers, especially if you plan to do any sleeping on the plane.

Comfy Clothing

If you are comfortable in skinny jeans, you can wear them. Another good alternative would be a pair of leggings or even jeggings. If you would prefer wearing loose clothing, wear an oversized T-shirt or an oversized sweater with a pair of linen pants. Test out a few articles of clothing before the flight to see which feels softest on your skin and will be most comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

A Bag

A bag is a carry-on that can make a fashion statement and, more importantly, hold all the travel essentials and goodies you need for a pleasant flight. Don’t get onboard a long-haul flight without packing a backpack or other roomy handbag filled with a few of your favorite things. With a large handbag, you can pack life-saving supplies like a reusable water bottle, lip balm, moisturizers, some healthy snacks, your book, and whatever else you need in order to enjoy yourself.

A Cardigan or Another Type of Second Layer

As mentioned earlier, flights can get a little chilly. Pack a second layer like a cardigan that you can easily put on and take off throughout the flights. Any light jacket or soft pullover sweater will be amazing on a long flight, especially if you get cold easily!


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