What to Wear on a Hayride

What to Wear on a Hayride

Regarding fall activities, hayrides have got to be at the top of the list. It’s super cute to bop around with friends and family, looking out over the apple orchard, or even going for a spooky hayride. Whatever the occasion might be, the big question is what to wear. There’s a lot to consider, from the itchy hay to the potentially cold or hot weather. You’ve got to plan with layers to adjust as the ride goes along.

Likely, if you’re on a hayride, you’ll also be doing some apple picking or selecting the perfect pumpkin for the darling cat stencil you’ve already picked out for carving. Most importantly, you want to look adorable. You might need clarification about how to dress with a few different events on the docket. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered from head to toe. Read on for helpful hayride tips and tricks.

Flannel Forever

Flannel shirts are a must on your hayride journey. When it comes to any fall activity, we can’t help but put in a plug for our favorite garment, one that remains fashionable all year-round: flannel. Our soft, all-cotton flannel features a relaxed fit and shirttail hem if you go for the boyfriend fit—you’ll never have to borrow his again. Taking after the scarecrow you’ll see along your hayride, flannel has got to be present on your journey.

Flannels are a great layering combo with wool sweaters. The collar and cuff of the flannel will be an attractive look that says, “I love fall.” Our women’s cozy lofty turtleneck fair isle pullover sweater comes with a cute snowflake pattern in ivory/black or blackberry/plum. This rib-knit turtleneck is a blend of fabric that will be soft and cozy for years to come. There’s nothing like a wool sweater to keep you warm and comfortable on a hayride.

Paired with elastic waist pants, this outfit makes itself. Select from leggings, straight leg, or high-rise corduroy. Not only will the elastic waist pants be ultra-comfy and non-constricting, but they are also stylish.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Between seasons like spring and fall, it’s hard to tell how cold it will get. Depending on your hayride driver’s speed, you could have a decent breeze on your face. A cutting northern wind can quickly get through a single-layer top, so it’s essential to prepare with extra layers. Nothing does the job like good women’s thermals. Our women’s 100% silk interlock thermal long underwear top makes an excellent base layer and is available in either crewneck or turtleneck. It is breathable to prevent overheating and naturally wicks moisture while holding in body heat. The matching thermal pants feature a flat elastic waistband for a bulk-free fit under clothes. A thermal layer will make all the difference, and you’ll find plenty of other uses for the set, whether at the office or on your next family ski trip.

Bring a Blanket

The following recommendation seems overkill, but hear us out. Next time you hit up the hayride, bring throw blankets for the gang. These throws come in various textures, including corduroy, sherpa fleece, cozy plush fleece, chenille, micro mink, and more. The softness will be out of control and keep you and the kids happy the whole ride.

Blankets will make the experience better for a few reasons. You’ll be able to stay warm, but you’ll also protect your behinds from the itchy hay. When the kids start complaining about being cold, you’ll have an extra layer to offer them. There will be lots to look at, like the fields and trees, but if your kids tend to get antsy, it never hurts to bring toys for them, just in case. You want everyone to have a good time, even if that means distracting the little ones with non-hayride-related items.

There are many reasons we recommend taking a hayride this season. It’s essential to take time with the family to de-stress after a tough week. Between carting the kids back and forth to school and practice, work obligations, or having family in town, getting out of your routine and getting involved in something like a hayride is a great way to chill. Not to mention, you’ll get some good old-fashioned fresh air, which is vital for mood and productivity. Getting your eyes off your phone screen and onto some beautiful scenery will be excellent for your mental health. Being outdoors is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, not to mention it will provide you with your daily dose of vitamin D.

Stay safe on your hayride by staying seated the entire ride, holding onto the railings, and keeping your arms and legs inside the wagon. Listen carefully to the staff and follow their rules to ensure a comfortable ride. While walking through the orchard or field, stay off the wagon’s track so as not to get in the way of another hayride. Enjoy the day in nature; by following this guide, you’ll look super cute and hayride-ready!


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