New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

What To Wear: New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

Perhaps the only thing more difficult than making plans for New Year's Eve is deciding what you're going to wear. In the interests of easing that mental burden so that you fully enjoy the most champagne-filled day of the year, we've laid out some simple outfit ideas below.

If it's a more formal occasion, like a swanky dinner or the kind of party that hands out masquerade masks at the door, consider a velvet dress. A velvet dress will be dressy enough for the occasion, but its rich fabric will certainly make it feel like a special, year-end occasion and not just another night out.

Going to something less casual yet just as festive, like a house party or a night out with friends? Trade in your usual denim for a pair of black jeans. To top it all of, throw on a cashmere sweater. Not only will it add an extra layer of warmth, but it'll make your whole get-up feel a little more elevated, too.

For another casual route, consider wearing a sweater dress and leather boots. A sweater dress—particularly one featuring a pattern like cable knit—has a classic holiday appeal of its own, and a pair of knee high boots gives it a playful, going-out energy that will make the year's final night feel like something special.

So far, all of these options have concerned going out. But we're well aware that a New Year's Eve spent out isn't the only option under the sun. A New Year's Eve spent in can be just as—if not more—enjoyable.

If you opt for a cozy night on the couch rather than an evening spent among crowds, feel free to wear clothing that's just as relaxed as you feel. Think about a warm pair of flannel pajamas worn under a plush throw. You might want to have some cozy slippers at the ready, for when you have to meet the delivery guy at the door.

But the best accessory of all? The remote. It's yours for the night, whether you choose to watch the ball drop on TV or finally catch up on that last season of your favorite streaming show.

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