8 Outfits Ideas for Labor Day 2023

8 Outfits Ideas for Labor Day 2023

When we think of Labor Day weekend, we think of the warm weather, happy hour, and what we’re going to wear as we transition into autumn. It’s time to say, “see you later!” to summer and to ring in the fall. Break the rules by wearing white and determine which classic fall outfits reign this season for Labor Day 2023.

Break the Rules

If you’ve ever debated whether you should wear white after Labor Day, the answer is “yes!” Break the rules. It’s not just about daring to wear a little white dress or slip into a pair of white jeans. Have fun and go beyond those outdated fashion rules. You don’t have to wait until the New Year to decide to take a new direction with your fashion goals. Wear sequins during the daytime because life is a celebration. Add flair with shimmery earrings because you deserve to sparkle. Socks and sandals can look cool when you know how to wear them, like lacy socks with high-heeled sandals. A dress can be feminine, but your shoes don’t have to be, so rock them with white sneakers for Labor Day. Your body is your canvas, and fashion is your palette.

Play With Patterns

What do the current patterns in your wardrobe look like? Wear fun patterns from head to toe. For fall, start with open long cardigan sweaters in a tan heather artisan plaid. If you’re going for the dark academia vibe, try out the dark cameo gray houndstooth knit corduroy elastic waist pants. While you’re at it, have fun with your socks, too, by getting plaid socks or ones that are more feminine with a floral pattern. Have an old scarf around with a pattern that doesn’t seem to match with anything else in your closet? Go back to the ’90s by wearing a scarf-style top and a pair of comfy jeans to get that all-American style. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns either for an eclectically casual look.

Combine Seasons

The best part about Labor Day weekend is that it’s right at the cusp of summer and fall. Clothes for either season are totally appropriate. Wear a sweatshirt with shorts or a cardigan and a skirt. Cardigans are super versatile to wear and layer. You can wear one under a dress, or wear it long and belt it so that your cardigan becomes a dress.

Make a Splash

Enjoy the pool while it’s still warm! Find the right style for you, like a black leopard sweetheart one-piece swimsuit. The LYCRA Xtra Life™ spandex lasts up to 10 times longer than suits made with ordinary spandex. Made out of nylon and spandex, an eye-catching one-piece offers a flattering bodice with elegant shirring and comfy control. It’s the perfect blend of sophistication and fun while you can still enjoy the pool in the sun. For a modern twist, you can wear an oversized button-down over a minimal bikini bathing suit.

Matching Everything

Go monochrome with solid colors from your head to your feet. Add in a chic matching purse, and you have a cool matching look. You can do the same thing with patterns. You’ll look sleek by sticking to all-white accessories in your rule-breaking all-white dress. That white women’s scarf will give a seriously polished look. A coordinated two-piece set like a matching floral top with a floral skirt will make it seem like you put a lot of thought into your outfit without all of the extra efforts.

Fall Colors

Labor Day is at the cusp of the season for dark fall colors and fun summer pastels. From black to red and orange to a deep purple, this is your time to paint the canvas that is your fall wardrobe. Put on a slim-fitting pastel cardigan over high-waisted cropped denim and kitten heels. Wear a cozy cardigan sweater over a collar blouse. Some cardigans already have the pretty collar that comes with them.

A Touch of Sophistication

Planning on going to an upscale party? Even if you aren’t, why not wear something that makes you feel fabulous? Put on that all-white dress to celebrate Labor Day at its finest. Wear all black for that laid-back touch of sophistication. Classy doesn’t have to mean stuffy. You can mix feminine and edgy to really showcase your style.

Comfortable and Cool

Want to feel comfortable and not worry about style? You don’t have to. If you want something classic that has stood the test of time, just put on a cardigan. One of the easiest ways to wear a cardigan is to keep it casual. Give the nod to retro with polo-style cardigans. A shawl collar cardigan with a plain tee is sure to keep you comfortable and cool over Labor Day weekend.

The summer may be ending, but your fall style is just beginning. No matter what you decide to wear for Labor Day, keep it comfortable and cool in 2023.


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