What to Wear to A New Year’s Day Brunch

What to Wear to A New Year’s Day Brunch

After a night spent ringing in the New Year, you can officially start the new year off right by rocking your New Year’s Day brunch look. For most brunch venues, casual-chic is the way to go. Pair your outfit with understated makeup or chunky sunglasses if it’s a bright morning. Additionally, check out these cheerful brunch outfit ideas for a New Year’s Day brunch style that combines just the right amount of flair with easy comfort.

Tank Dress With a Sweater

Layering a textured women's sweater over a flowing tank dress makes it easy for you to stay comfortable if you find it’s a bit too chilly at the restaurant. Additionally, if you live in an area where mornings are chilly but afternoons get hotter, you can remove a layer when the day warms up. Create a balanced effect by choosing one garment that’s a solid color and the other with a pattern. Add a pair of warm boots and a playful hat that matches your sweater for a coordinated look. If it’s really cold out, donning a pair of leggings or tights under the dress can help your legs stay warm while adding an understated pop of color to the outfit.

Warm Fleece Tunic

Fleece tunics come in casual or dressy styles, so it’s easy to find one that matches the style of the brunch spot you’re visiting. If brunch is at a friend’s home and everyone plans to chill in the living room after eating, pair a sporty fleece top with casual leggings or your favorite jeans. If you’re headed to a restaurant, pair a pullover fleece tunic that has a unique pattern or design elements with your favorite jeans or dress pants. Add some warm matching comfort shoes or snow boots to your outfit to keep your feet warm and dry, and tuck small items like lip gloss and your keys in a quilted pouch to accessorize your look.

Dressy Jeans or Leggings

If you’re going to a new spot for New Year’s Day brunch and you aren’t familiar with the dress code, stick with a look that’s in between casual and dressy. An easy way to do that is to slip into a pair of women's black jeans or leggings paired with a great pair of boots or ballet flats. Top it off with a hip-length tunic or a long sweater. It’s a breeze to adjust your look to be more casual or more upscale when you choose a neutral base garment, like black jeans or leggings, because the tops, outerwear, and accessories you add can completely change the effect.

Lots of Layers

Choosing coordinated layers, such as a tank top or T-shirt layered under a dress shirt or flannel shirt, adds a polished effect to your outfit and can help you stay comfortable all day. Layering is also a great strategy to try when you can’t run home and change before heading to your next destination. You can layer up to get the look you want, remove layers if temperatures climb, or swap outer layers if you need a completely different look at your after-brunch destinations.

Leggings and A Blouse

Leggings and blouses create a pretty, put-together look that works well with or without layering to get the casual style you want for a holiday brunch. Pair the leggings with a women's blouse, matching a color from solid-color leggings to a color in a patterned blouse. Or match a solid-color blouse with a color from a pattern in your leggings.

Down-Insulated Outerwear

Make an entrance when temperatures drop by choosing down-insulated outerwear to top off your brunch outfit. The down insulation keeps you warm when you’re outdoors without adding a lot of bulk to your outfit. That way, your coat or jacket can maintain a fitted look that hugs your body while still keeping you cozy.

Accessories That Complete Your Look

When you've put together the perfect outfit but still feel like it needs something special, look to the accessories. The details can make your outfit look even better. The accessories you add to your outfit can change it from casual to dressy. These extras can include pieces like shoes, belts, jewelry, handbags, and fashion scarves. Even something small, like a cute keyring, can add a stunning touch of drama to your finished look.


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