What to Wear During an Autumn Hot Spell

What to Wear During an Autumn Hot Spell

Everyone loves the surprise of a second summer. When the temperatures begin to cool, the sun sets a little earlier, and the leaves begin to change color, no surprise is more welcome than a hot spell in autumn. This in-between weather can be confusing, but it is a great excuse to combine our favorite fall and summer clothing pieces. Cool and crisp fall mornings can sometimes be followed by sizzling afternoons before temperatures drop again at night. Figuring out what to wear on those days may be confusing at times, but we have compiled a guide on how to dress for this season transition and during an autumn hot spell.

Choose Light Layers

Layers are key, but you want them to be light layers! When it’s freezing in the morning and hot in the afternoon, light layers are going to be your friend. Choose something super lightweight and summer-inspired to wear under a more fall-oriented outer layer. For example, a light linen T-shirt worn under a denim jacket is the perfect pairing for a hot spell in autumn. Another great layering idea is to wear a tank top under a cotton cardigan or a lightweight linen jacket. This will allow you to keep warm during the cooler parts of the day while easily taking off layers during that hot fall sunshine. Lighter layers are great for autumn hot spells because they are breathable and can easily be taken on and off during the course of the day as the temperatures change.

Opt for Fall Colors

It may feel like summertime, but we’re still ready to embrace our fall wardrobe. Keep the summer colors and prints tucked away for the season, and instead, wear some of your summery pieces that match perfectly with fall colorways. You can totally get away with wearing summer pieces for fall hot weather if you choose to wear a fall color scheme. Perfect fall colors are earthy and subdued tones, such as red, olive green, dark blue, brown, beige, yellow, orange, and black. Wear a fall color T-shirt dress with some suede booties for the perfect and comfortable look on those hot autumn days.

Embrace Dresses

One of the best parts about dressing for summer is getting to wear all those summer dresses. Let the summer dress live on into the fall during those steamy autumn days. Again, you will want to skip the super summery florals and bright colors in favor of more subdued and autumnal hues and prints. Wear your favorite lightweight summer dresses with some boots and a denim jacket for the perfect hot fall look. You can easily slip the jacket on and off as the temperature changes, and your boots will be there to keep your toes warm. We love the look of a midi dress for fall because it offers just enough coverage to ward off crisp breezes with enough breathability, so you don’t get too hot.

Wear Tank Tops

Tank tops are the perfect go-to piece for an autumn hot spell. They make a great base layer for wearing under other clothes yet are easy to wear all on their own. During a hot spell, wear a tank top with your favorite midi skirt, boyfriend jeans, or breezy lounge pants. Tank tops are our favorite base layer because they are both comfortable and versatile and a perennial style that never goes out of fashion. If you get cool, throw on a light cotton blouse over the tank top for an easy cover-up. The tank top is the ideal way to embrace the season of fall and the temperatures of summer.

Add in Fall Accessories

Make even your most summery outfit more appropriate for a hot fall day with the right autumnal accessories. Trade-in your straw basket shoulder bag and canvas shoes for a leather bag and some suede booties. These details make a big difference towards wearing something for summer temperatures while still dressing for the fall season. Little nods to autumn can work wonders toward dressing your summer clothes for the fall months. Fall accessories include fashion scarves, leather, suede, and anything knit that will add that cozy fuzzy fall dimension to whatever summer pieces you’re wearing.

Mix Fall Pieces with Summer Pieces

Similarly, mixing summer pieces with fall pieces can make even your T-shirt and women’s shorts outfit look perfectly autumn. Wear a T-shirt with a pair of shorts to beat the heat and style for fall with a pair of suede booties and a light leather jacket. Or, wear a cropped three-quarter-length sweater with your favorite flowy cotton skirt for a look that feels perfectly fall while also being comfortable in the heat. Similarly, wear your favorite summer dress with a pair of stunning leather riding boots to make your outfit feel breezy with a twist of fall.

A second summer is one of the best parts of fall. So enjoy it to the fullest with these fun outfit ideas so you can feel all the cozy vibes of autumn while still embracing and beating the lingering heat of summer.


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