What to Wear at a Hot Outdoor Family Reunion

What to Wear at a Hot Outdoor Family Reunion

Ah, seeing the family again. A reunion is a wonderful time to reconnect with extended family members and introduce your children to certain people who were a defining influence in your life growing up. When at a family reunion, you want to focus on developing or rekindling relationships with those important to you. You do not want to be focused on how hot it is! Summer is a great time to travel, but sometimes the heat of the season can get to us if we aren’t prepared. Here are outfits to help your family survive a hot outdoor family reunion.

For the Ladies

The sun may get hot, but you still want to look good. A laid-back family meeting in someone’s backyard will mean a casual outfit. If you are planning on running after kids or playing games, a pair of athletic shorts and a women’s workout T-shirt with tennis shoes are called for. If you are just visiting with people, jean shorts, especially cut-offs, are informal and make for good, basic pieces. Tops can range from a simple white tank top with flip-flops to a more colorful women’s V-neck T-shirt and sandals. Patterned tops and graphic tees would work here. If you want to make your casual outfit a little more special, opt for some interesting bracelets or put your hair up and rock some cute earrings.

If your family is on the more formal side, or if you are meeting at a fancy plaza or hotel terrace, you will want to upgrade your outfit. This could be as easy as changing your jean shorts for white shorts or a skirt, or you can switch to a summer dress. Looser skirts allow for refreshing air circulation and are excellent choices for summer outfits. If you are worried about the wind getting a little frisky, opt for skorts to keep you modest no matter what happens. Keeping your hair up will allow the breeze to cool off your neck, plus you get to keep all of the jewelry options from the casual outfits. In addition, if the event is really classy, a pair of sandal wedges or heels might be appropriate footwear.

For the Gentlemen

Shorts are your lifesavers here, guys. Cargo shorts are on the casual side, and T-shirts of all kinds complete these outfits well. If you are from an athletic family and you know someone is going to start a friendly football game at some point, a men’s workout shirt and athletic shorts will be a better choice. Remember to stretch and wear your tennis shoes!

If you are going to a more formal gathering, you will need a different type of men’s shorts. Choose shorts that end about 1-3 inches above your knee and taper as they go. Tapering means that your shorts follow the line of your leg and slim in from your waist. These kinds of shorts are sometimes called slim-fit shorts. They create a more intentional look for your outfit. If you pair them with a short-sleeved collared shirt and some boat shoes, you get a classy look you can be proud of. Add a Panama hat and some sunglasses, and you are ready!

For the Boys

As parents, sometimes your boy ends up wearing whatever is clean and possible to get him into before you have to leave. If you can though, look for loose, breathable clothes that will let your little man have fun with all his heart. Your boy is hopefully about to meet some really cool cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and you want to make sure he has a chance to put all of his energy to use in playful activities that bring him closer to his family. For these reasons, athletic wear is probably your best bet. Alternatively, you can make a more formal outfit of boys’ shorts and a short-sleeved collared shirt out of slightly nicer clothes you know he is growing out of anyway. It’s up to you whether you choose lighter colors to keep him cool or darker colors and patterns to disguise sweat and food stains.

For the Girls

If your little girl just wants to have fun, great! A T-shirt and shorts with tennis shoes make for an excellent athletic outfit. If your princess’s look needs to be a little nicer, consider a cotton sundress with a pair of shorts underneath or a girls’ skort. That way, she can have the dressier look and the freedom to play without worrying about her clothes. As far as colors, it depends on your child. Lighter colors are cooler, but darker colors hide messes. Choose wisely.

Summertime is the opportunity to make time for those loved ones. Don’t let the sun get you and your family down!


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