What to Pack for a Spring Vacation

What to Pack for a Spring Vacation

While it's really never a bad time to take a vacation, there's something about spring that just feels like the perfect season for a much-needed getaway. Maybe it's that we've spent the winters cooped up inside, or that the sense of "newness" in the air outside is calling us to go explore. Whatever it is, if you're heading into the season with the travel bug, there's really only one cure: to pack your travel bags for women and get out there.

A spring vacation can really take any form you want it to. From a tropical getaway to a cozy cabin escape in the mountains, or even just a long weekend at the wineries or at that cute bed and breakfast you've had your eye on, with spring in full swing there are endless ways to vacation. Of course, the exact items you'll pack for your spring vacation will depend on where you're heading and what's on the agenda, but there are a few seasonal essentials you'll likely want to bring along on any trip. Read on for a list of the spring travel must-haves that'll likely leave you feeling even more inspired to finally plan and book your next trip.

Spring Break Swimwear

From white-sand beaches and turquoise waters to the cabin's hot tub or a hot spring or hotel pool, the best vacations involve some sort of water activity. That's why you should plan to pack your cutest swimsuits for your spring getaway. This will be an especially exciting item on the packing list if you haven't rocked swimwear since summer, so bring a different swimsuit for each day of your trip if you want. With that in mind, it's likely a good idea to pull your swimwear out of storage well in advance of your vacation to make sure you have all pieces of your favorite mix and match sets or that your one-pieces are getaway-ready. You'll feel much better knowing that you have this part of your packing list squared away in advance!

Perfectly Packable Outerwear

While it's way more fun to think about swimwear than outerwear when packing for a vacation, spring is still spring, after all. In most places, that means you might encounter some April showers or some stubborn winter chill. Even if you're going somewhere like a sunny tropical resort, you'll still need outerwear for the flight or to have handy in case it's extra breezy in the evenings.

That's why a packable jacket is an absolute must-have on your packing list. A lightweight yet durable and comfy packable jacket will provide warmth or keep you dry when you need it, but also won't take up too much room in your bag. Opt for a style with features that make the most sense for your destination and travel plans, so be sure to always check the forecast for where you're heading before you pack.

In addition to a packable jacket, make sure you also pack a cardigan sweater layer in case you need some extra warmth. Springtime simply calls for a lightweight yet comfy cardigan, even if you just end up needing it for travel days.

Versatile Tops and Tees

One pro packing tip for a spring getaway is to opt for versatile items that you can use to assemble multiple looks on your trip. Of course, the tops and tees you decide to bring along will be specific to your travel plans (you might not bring the same shirts to a cozy cabin escape that you would to a beach getaway), but certain styles will definitely make the cut regardless of where you're going.

Oh-so-springy tunic tops, for example, create a perfect travel option since you can dress them up or keep them more casual. You can also opt for quick-dry T-shirts. They are great for layering if you're heading somewhere where you won't have access to a laundry machine since these durable yet lightweight tees wick moisture and will dry in time for your next wear.

Breezy Bottoms

Now that you have the tops squared away, pivot to the bottoms. No matter where you're heading, there are certain seasonal bottoms that are perfect for a vacation since they'll work in almost any setting, pair easily with any top, and won't take up too much room in your bag.

Consider packing a midi skirt or a breezy maxi dress if you have plans that call for a slightly more dressy look, some stretchy white jeans or capri pants for the boardwalk or exploring a new city, and one pair of stretchy lounge pants for hanging at the cabin or hotel or to function as your PJs if you don't want to pack a full sleepwear set.

With these items in your suitcase, duffel, or travel backpack, you'll be set for a spring adventure. No matter where your plans take you, we hope it's your best seasonal getaway yet!


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