What to Pack for a Spring Escape to the Mountains

What to Pack for a Spring Escape to the Mountains

There’s nothing like a mountain getaway to celebrate the spring season. With the world outside starting to shrug off the last of that winter chill and everything starting to bloom and blossom, it’s a perfect time for a weekend escape to nature. While everything will feel fresh and inviting, it’s also still the right amount of cozy, meaning you can fulfill all of your cottagecore dreams before summer gets into full swing.

So, it’s time to pack your women's weekender bag and head for the hills. Whether you’re taking some much-needed time at the family’s cabin or you’ve found the perfect vacation rental, below are some must-have items you’ll want to bring on a dreamy spring mountain getaway.

An Oversized Sweater

It just wouldn’t be the cottagecore vacation you’ve been dreaming about without a chunky, oversized sweater or two in your bag. A cozy women's sweater with a relaxed fit and a fun texture will be something you can wear on repeat during your getaway.

Opt for a cotton blend shawl collar cardigan sweater or a cashmere oversized v-neck tunic sweater for sipping some tea while you look out over the peaks and valleys or for when you cozy up by the fire with a good book.

Some Cozy Leggings

You’ll also want to bring some cute yet comfy loungewear along, so don’t forget to bring a pair or two of leggings. Some comfortable leggings are also perfect for the drive up to your destination, so consider wearing a pair for your travel day and then packing an extra pair.

Some stylish fleece-lined leggings will be perfect for hanging out in the cabin, while a stretchy athletic pair will be a must if you’re planning on taking some long walks or exploring the nearby trails. Pair your leggings with one of your oversized sweaters or a flowy tunic top, and you’ll be set for a mountain weekend full of cute and comfy looks.

Some Sturdy Boots

Speaking of hiking or long walks, you’ll want to bring along a sturdy pair of hiking boots or waterproof walking shoes. While a mountain getaway will include ample lounge time in the cabin or cottage, you’ll also want to ensure you’re prepared to soak up that fresh mountain air and explore any accessible hiking trails. With everything in bloom, there will be some scenic views and plenty of photo ops along the way.

Regardless of the style of shoe or boots you want to bring along, just make sure you have a waterproof option. Even if there are no April showers on the forecast, you might still encounter some muddy puddles on your adventure.

A Canvas Tote for the Market

One of the best things about a mountain getaway is all of the cooking and eating you’ll do. A weekend jaunt into nature is the perfect opportunity to cook up some seasonal dishes, and you’ll need lots of fuel for all of the exploring (and lounging!) you have on the agenda.

So, make sure you pack a canvas tote bag or two so you’ll be prepared to stop at any cute farm stands along the way. The closest town to your mountain amenities might also have a weekend farmers market, so you’ll want some cute totes so you can hit that up as well.

You’ll also be happy that you have a few canvas totes on hand if you decide to pack a little picnic to take on your walk or to enjoy in that nearby field of dreamy wildflowers. Just don’t forget to bring a picnic blanket with you as well!

Your Favorite Flannel PJs

A spring mountain getaway will likely get pretty chilly at night, which is a major contributor to the cozy vibes! Lean into exactly that by bringing a pair of cute and comfy flannel pajamas. A classic flannel PJ also makes for great loungewear, so you’ll get a ton of use out of these throughout your trip.

Opt for a pajama set with a knit long sleeve t-shirt and flannel pants or some print flannel pajama pants with a matching top. Drift off to dreamland in one of these sets, and you definitely won’t need to change for making a big brunch with those goodies from the farmer’s market. Can you hear the mountains calling yet?

With these items in your weekender bag, you’ll be set to snuggle up, explore, and embrace the spring season during a magical mountain getaway. Just don’t blame us when you start to bring that cottagecore aesthetic back home with you!


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