What to Pack for Your Kid’s Sleepover

What to Pack for Your Kid’s Sleepover

Being invited to a sleepover is an exciting event for a kid. This overnight hangout is a great opportunity to bond and pass the time with friends. With plenty of giggles, movies, and long talks in-store, your kid will need a few items from home to be comfortable for a night away. What should your child pack for a sleepover? Overall, they should bring items that keep them clothed and entertained for the duration of their time away. Here are some of the essential items to pack for your kid’s sleepover.


Your child will need at least two sets of clothing: one for sleeping and another for the next day. Pajamas are a sleepover essential, so take care to pack a matching set of sleepwear for girls or boys that they’ll love to pull on before settling in for the night. Watch the weather forecasts to pick out an outfit that will keep your child comfortable for the next day’s weather too. For instance, if it calls for rain, pack a pair of rain boots and a raincoat.

Pack one extra set of clothing for younger children just in case there is a drink spill or other incident. This will spare your child any embarrassment and save you time since they can quickly change into another outfit at their friend’s house. Casual pieces like kids' jeans also match with multiple tops and can be worn again if your kid is more of a minimalist packer.


Whether your kid prefers a sleeping bag or an inflatable mattress, it’s a good idea to pack an extra fleece throw and a pillow. Having their own bedding brings a bit of home with them and makes for a better night’s sleep. The throw is not only useful for sleeping, but it can also be used to cuddle up while watching a movie, playing games, or chatting.


Even though your child will be offered plenty of food and drinks at the host’s home, it’s always good to bring some backup snacks. Snacking for hours is iconic of a sleepover, but some homes can have food that they aren’t familiar with. If your child is a picky eater or wants some guaranteed treats, pack some food with them. Stash these in the side pockets of their kids' backpacks so that they are visible and easy to access. It’s also wise to bring extra food for sharing. This reduces the strain on the host, plus it's fun to share favorite foods.


Staying at a friend’s place overnight is much different than hanging out for a few hours. Pack essential hygiene items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, travel-size mouthwash, a small hand towel, and some travel-sized shower supplies. A personal body towel is also an important item to bring so that your child can shower. Bring a plastic bag so your child can store the wet towel for laundering later at home. Don’t forget essentials like a hairbrush or comb.

Entertainment and Toys

If your child wants to bring a favorite teddy bear for sleeping or an iPad to play with their friends at the sleepover, be sure to pack the things they need to feel secure and have a good time. This gives them the home-away-from-home feeling. Bring everything they need to stay entertained, be it an extra charging cable, headphones, or tablet stand so that everyone can use their devices comfortably.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Since your kids will be spending time overnight at another kid’s house, the adult hosts need to know who to contact in case of an emergency. You should give a list of phone numbers and emergency contacts so that someone can be reached quickly. Parents should also keep their phones on and turn off “do not disturb” mode while their children are at a sleepover. Most importantly, if your child has a cell phone or tablet, enable a messaging app with data so they can contact you anytime.


If the weather is cold or rainy, you’ll need to pack some form of kids’ outerwear. Whether it's a mild fall day, a rainy day, or a frigid winter’s night, there is a jacket or coat that is right for your child’s needs. Even summer sleepovers can benefit from a “just in case” cardigan. Some homes like to turn up the air conditioner, which can make your child feel cold if they’re not used to cold temperatures at your home.

These items will make any sleepover go off without a hitch. Be sure to pack everything your child needs to have an excellent time with their friends!


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