What To Pack for a Winter Ski Vacation

What To Pack for a Winter Ski Vacation

For snow lovers, there’s no better way to enjoy the winter months than with a ski vacation. Skiing is healthy, fun, and appropriate for all ages. Planning a vacation around it is a great way to spend time outdoors, either as a couple, family, or group of friends. You’ll not only get time to work on your technique, but also the chance to experience other classic winter activities, like sledding and snowball fights.

While you’re probably planning on spending most of your winter ski vacation on the slopes, never underestimate the power of downtime. It’s good to give your body a rest in between ski sessions. There’s also plenty to see and do besides just skiing. You may be able to enjoy a spa day, go for a sleigh ride, or visit the local town. It just depends on the location and amenities of where you’re staying.

To enjoy these experiences, it’s important to pack the right clothing and winter accessories. With so many options to consider, it can be difficult to know what to take. To make things easier, we’ve put together a guide on the essentials. Read on to discover what to pack to get the most out of your winter ski vacation.

Ski Gear

When it comes to packing for your ski vacation, the most important thing to take is ski gear, of course. That includes skis, poles, ski boots, warm socks, goggles, a helmet, and hand warmers. Many ski lodges and resorts provide equipment for rent, though, so leaving yours at home could be an option. Renting ski gear may be more costly, but it’ll save space and reduce the amount of luggage you have to take.

Winter Jacket

Your ski jacket can double as a winter jacket off the slopes, but if you’re renting gear, you’ll need to pack an extra one. Go for something lightweight, insulated, and waterproof for maximum comfort and protection. Packable down coats are a great choice for ski vacations. They’re less bulky than regular coats, so will save you some packing space. If you’re already taking a ski jacket and don’t want to pack a second coat, go for a packable down vest instead. They add instant warmth to any outfit without extra bulk or weight.

Cozy Sweaters

Sweaters are another must-have for your packing list. They’re comfortable, stylish, easy to layer, and you can wear them in the day or at night. Cashmere sweaters are a fantastic pick for ski vacations, as they’re soft, cozy, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. You won’t have to worry about using a clothes iron or steamer. Cashmere also boasts up to eight times more insulation than wool, so you’ll definitely stay toasty.

Layering Tops

Packing a couple of layering tops will give you multiple outfit options on vacation. Choose a variety of silhouettes in colors and prints that complement your other clothes. That way, it’ll be easy to mix and match them into different looks. Long-sleeve t-shirts, for example, can be worn on their own or under jackets and sweaters. If you run warm, you may want to pack a couple of short-sleeved tops, too. It’s also a good idea to have breathable layers for the slope. Look for tops with sweat-wicking material for all-day comfort.

Comfy Pants

When you’re not rocking your ski pants, you need something comfy to explore and relax in. Jeans are always a classic choice, whether you’re heading into town or going to dinner. You may also want to take some sweatpants for lounging in. You’ll be glad you have something soft and roomy to wear after a long day on the slopes, especially if your muscles are sore and fatigued. Leggings are great for layering and lounging, but may be too thin for outdoor adventures, depending on the temperature.

Winter Shoes

In addition to ski boots, you need a few pairs of winter shoes for your ski vacation. Snow boots are a great choice for outdoor adventures. They’re warm, comfy, and sturdy enough to withstand slippery and uneven terrain. It’s also a good idea to take a pair of sheepskin booties or slippers for the hotel. Don’t forget to pack socks, too, to keep your feet toasty and warm.

Cold Weather Accessories

Complete your ski vacation capsule with cold-weather accessories for extra protection and warmth. Neck buffs and warmers work well for winter travel, since they double as a hat and scarf. You can also stay toasty with a cozy knit hat or sports beanie. Pack a couple of women’s scarves, too. You can wear them with different outfits and use them as shawls or blankets. Don’t forget about your hands! An extra set of gloves will ensure your digits always stay warm.

With these essentials, you’ll be ready for anything on your winter ski vacation. Before you start packing, check with the accommodation about rental equipment options and any fun activities on offer. This will give you a better idea of what to take with you. Then, use our handy guide to ensure you have everything you need.


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