What to Pack for a Beach Weekend

What to Pack for a Beach Weekend

Packing for just a weekend getaway usually entails a small bag with all your essentials for the weekend’s activities and the outfits that may require. Ensuring you have versatile options that can convert from one activity to the next is crucial when packing for just a few days.

Dresses that double as cover-ups, shorts that can be for lounging and dinner out, and swimsuits that look like clothes are just some of the simple ways in which you can pack efficiently and still look great on your weekend away.

Swimming Essentials

A cute swimsuit is obviously a must when packing for the beach. There are many options for swimwear that go beyond the traditional one-piece or bikini. A long sleeve rash guard can be the perfect sun protection to add some color or pattern to your swimsuit. Quick-dry board shorts or a swim skirt offers an option for both the water and the boardwalk. A tankini top offers a tank top look that can convert to swimwear without any effort. Swim leggings offer a non-traditional swimwear option that can be more readily converted into an off-beach look. Having the look you want on the beach and the style you want off the sand is as easy as finding the right bathing suit style.

Boardwalk Chic

A beach cover-up that looks like an outfit may be the most worn piece in your suitcase if done right. A cotton sleeveless cover-up dress in a printed pattern allows you to keep a fun, summer look and provides a quick way in which to go from sunbathing to a restaurant in a matter of seconds. A maxi dress can double as a beach over up too, and wearing one makes it even less obvious you were laying in the sand moments before ordering a cocktail at the local happy hour.

Skipping the cover-up altogether for the ultimate light packer, there is always the option of a swim dress which gives the cover-up look without utilizing the precious packing space.

The Right Bag

If you want to travel light with as few bags as possible, it's important to have the right bag. A women’s weekender bag can vary from a small suitcase to a backpack to a tote bag, providing even a heavy packer space to fit everything. Beach bags can add extra space to pack last-minute items and then the perfect option to carry all the beach necessities for a long day in the sun.

Bags such as a canvas tote bag could double as both your traveler and your beach bag. A zip-top canvas bag or a crossbody canvas tote can be packed to the brim for the entire weekend and unpacked and used again for beach essentials.

Save Space Through Shoes

Packing multiple pairs of shoes can get bulky and use up half the available space in a weekend bag. Water shoes are no longer the flimsy, style-lacking, mesh shoes of the past, but offer a cute option for a light sneaker that doubles as a perfect beach footwear option. Water shoes come in many options like ones with laces, open-toed sandal water shoes, and Mary Jane style water shoes. These colorful footwear options look like sneakers and sandals and can easily be disguised as such at a bar, restaurant, or boardwalk activities, but are also meant to be worn on the water and sand.

Keep it Casual in Shorts

Cover-ups are often doubled as dresses for beach weekends, so packing comfy womens shorts is important for relaxing off the beach and lazy summer evenings. Pull-on and elastic waist shorts translate the comfort from beach clothes to late evenings enjoying the beach town or lounging with a cup of coffee before heading to the beach. Linen and chino shorts provide a sophisticated summer look that can be polished off with a comfy summer top.

Knit shorts with a print paired with a solid color t-shirt gives a pop of summery color and a lightweight option amid the hottest season.

Having options that offer comfort, style, and versatility while also packing lightly for just a weekend away is as easy as following a few simple steps. Utilizing clothing that can have a dual purpose, using the right bag, and choosing the best option for your planned activities will set you up for the perfect beach getaway weekend.


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