What To Pack for A Winter Getaway

You love your family and your routine. Getting the kids off to school. You kill it at work and keep things going at home. Making coffee in the morning as the winter weather sets in is such a lovely part of the day, isn’t it? Now imagine yourself watching that coffee brew from the balcony of a winter cabin, packed with wool blankets and cozy nooks to sip your latte while you just let yourself decompress and enjoy a weekend out of town.

A winter getaway means soaking up some nature, maybe treating yourself to that spa treatment, and finally getting to that book you’ve been meaning to read—and this time without any interruptions. When you’re packing for this special retreat, think about taking several items you can use for different activities. Layering offers a great solution to keeping your bag light while also being able to change your look. And don’t forget to pack some solid loungewear. Getaways are made for relaxation. Read on for some staple items to pack for a wintry vacation.

The Coat

The first item to pick up is the best in women’s winter coats . Our insulated plush coat comes in a longer length and a faux fur adorned hood, so it’s as cute as it is warm. It’s also rated our warmest coat, so no matter how nippy it gets outside you’ll be as toasty as that marshmallow you’ve got roasting over the bonfire. Plus regardless of the color you choose, it’s got a sleek quilt pattern that is flattering for all shapes. If your getaway is alpine in nature, go for the woodland green or rich burgundy. And be sure to check out some of our fleece jackets, too, in case you want to head out on the trail or go for a leisurely stroll in the nearby quaint town.

The Vest

Nothing says winter like a women’s winter vest. And a vest for a spontaneous winter getaway is even better. Grab one with a fun print like the outdoor Fairisle (with little moose and bears) or the deep-sea navy founders stripe. Filled with high quality down, these vests keep you warm and quick on your feet. A vest is something you can wear on top of a slim-cut turtleneck or even a thicker wool sweater. It does any undershirt justice.

If you’re looking for something with a little more movement, check out our fleece vests. Fleece is a classic winter fabric that’s windproof and water-resistant. Perfect if you’re hitting the slopes or regaining your childhood memories by going full speed sledding down a snow-packed hill. Our fleece vests come with zip pockets, too, to keep your hotel room key and lip balm handy.

The Leggings

You’ve got your coat and your vest, so next up is leggings. Leggings do everything that any other pair of pants can do, but they are beyond snuggly and always make you feel good. We recommend a pair of high-rise, fleece-lined leggings in the cement gray or black outdoor Fairisle. The ultra-comfort factor means you’ll throw them on every day of your vacay.

If you plan to do some outdoor activities like snowshoeing or skiing, grab an extra pair of the active leggings that help when you break a sweat. The seamless ones mean much less friction as you lace up your boots and slip on your winter hat for those outdoor adventures. Plus, they come enhanced with SPF protection so even that winter sun won’t damage your skin.

The Socks

When you’re lounging in your cabin, you can’t possibly hit maximum comfort without the coziest socks. The fuzzy crew slipper socks come in so many wintry patterns you’ll want a pair for every day that you’re away. The blackberry outdoor Fairisle or the deep sea navy snowflake are great options. Or take it up a level and get the Muk Luks cabin slipper socks that come with little pom-poms and anti-non-skid bottom for more stability. The fairy dust pattern with the poms is just too cute.

The Flannel

The classic winter getaway photo dump on social media wouldn’t be complete without a variety of flannel shirts. In a tunic or classic button-down cut, we’ve got patterns to coordinate with your socks for a fun new look every day. The ivory and cobalt district check is a lightly feminine version of a classic pattern and the tunic cut, in particular, gives it a bit of flair with the pared-down collar. Buffalo checks in navy or pink are surefire winners. If you’re feeling like getting into the holiday spirit, the rich red and emerald bay plaid will do just the trick.

Flannel isn’t just for shirts, though, is it? The best in flannel pajama bottoms will keep you feeling festive the whole weekend long. Grab a coordinating pair that complements your flannel top or go all out with mismatched patterns. After all, you’re the boss on the vacation.

A winter getaway is a time to piece together your favorite cold-weather items from your closet and take them on a much-needed vacation.


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