What to Pack for a Summer Cruise

What to Pack for a Summer Cruise

If a summer cruise is in your stars this year, lucky you! Summer cruises are so exciting! There’s endless food and drinks. Some cruises allow you to check out a variety of destinations. You might also have the chance to tour those spots — where you can buy jewelry, clothes, art, and more from locals. Cruises also provide entertainment, massages, and so much more. If you want to pack smartly, read our list below detailing what you should pack for your next cruise.

Must-Have Essentials

Let’s start with the essentials, including items you might forget to pack but surely need. In terms of tech accessories, make sure to remember to pack your phone and laptop chargers. You’ll be a little mad at yourself if you forget these essential items. Other tech accessories you might need include earbuds or headphones. But keep in mind that although certain tech gadgets will come in handy, they should complement your trip, not take center stage. Enjoy what the experience has to offer—and share those memories with friends and family back at home!

Speaking of must-have items, pack plenty of hand sanitizer too. Not to ruin your image of an ideal vacation, but a cruise ship can be a hot spot for spreading germs. You’ll want to keep your hands as germ-free as possible so that your time back at home isn’t initially miserable. Another essential that makes the list is sunscreen. We’re hoping you’ll be out in the sun most of the day, meaning you’ll need to protect your skin from harmful rays.

Comfortable and Stylish Apparel

You’ll need both comfortable and stylish apparel during your vacation. By comfortable, we mean whatever keeps you nice and cozy. You could wear your favorite graphic T-shirts or tank tops. For your bottoms, you could wear comfortable leggings and shorts. However, you might want to pack a few nicer outfits for dinner and other events that’ll occur onboard the ship: think a cocktail dress, blouse, or skirt. The right little black dress can work well with all body types and ages. However, you may also consider trying something more eye-catching, such as a floral print or bold shade.

Pool and Beach Gear

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to refresh in the pool or ocean during your vacation. So, pick out the best swim gear for you. There are countless options. First off, tummy control swimsuits. These swimsuits are the epitome of swimwear meant to keep you looking your best. Why? Swimsuits with this type of fabric may feature ruching that helps with slimming. Plus, they are available in various styles, from strapless to skirted. You can also find tummy control on swim separates, such as high-waisted bikini bottoms.

Modest swimsuits are also great choices. Modest swimsuits provide more coverage than your typical bikini top and bottom. The ones with a skirted bottom have the appearance of a dress that you can swim in but might have a more fitted top. If you’re looking for more coverage, you’re in luck! You can still have that “hourglass” look if that’s what you desire. Plus, modest swimwear can also feature other attributes that can bring out your curves, such as ruching or a self-tie. There are more options, too, such as tankinis and bikinis. For more coverage, opt for rash guards.

Kick your swimwear up a notch with fashionable beach accessories. Beach cover-ups are a way to add even more personality to your look. A flowy kaftan, for example, offers an elegant finish to your overall ensemble while providing head-to-toe coverage. Hooded and cardigan cover-ups give you a more casual look. Wide-leg cover-ups or shorts will cover up just your bottom.

Find other accessories that can aid in the style game, such as designer sunglasses, sunhats, a baseball cap, water shoes, beaded jewelry, and more.

Bonus Items for a Better Experience

Kick your experience up a notch with additional items that aren’t needed — but would add much more to your experience. If you easily overheat, you might want to pack a portable fan in case the air conditioning isn’t enough for you. To help fill any downtime, pack a good book you can read while lounging poolside or at the beach. For cool breezes, pack an oversized scarf or lightweight throw. In terms of shoes, you’ll want to pack comfortable sneakers that’ll offer support all day long. However, for beach or pool days, make sure you have sandals ready to pull out and rock. For dinner, you could opt for heeled sandals or pumps.

A summer cruise can be such a good time. Even if you don’t pack everything on our list, you’ll need suitable, durable luggage and bags to keep everything secure. Take plenty of photos and videos, too — you’ll make plenty of memories worth sharing!


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