What to Pack for a Holiday Family Vacation

What to pack for a family winter vacation.

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to get my family out of the house and into the snow for a little cold weather vacation! That is where Lands' End totally saves the day each and every time for our whole family. No matter what Old Man Winter throws at us, Lands' End has us covered....literally.

Let's be real here. We all know who will be in charge of packing up the whole family before we head off to our home away from home. Laying out a plan of attack ahead of time makes packing for multiple people seem a little like less a chore, giving you more time to focus on the memories you'll make together instead of trying to remember if you remembered everything for everyone. Littlest first serves as the general rule at our house, because if I get in a pinch and run out of time....well, my husband can pack for himself. So, let's start with the kids' cold weather vacation essentials. From autumn to spring, my littlest always needs a fleece jacket. My girls love the Softest Fleece Jacket that Lands' End offers because they can layer it to keep the cold out while they are making their snow fort, yet it feels so unbelievably soft and cozy that they may just end up cuddled by the fireplace with a book instead.

I also make sure the kids have flannel pajamas. The brushed cotton is great at regulating body temperature, which can be tricky at “too hot” or “too cold” hotels. Plus, the plaid patterns make for some amazing photos.

Oh, and when I’m stuffing suitcases with my kids' snow boots, parkas, and snow pants, I make sure to toss in extra mittens and gloves. Nothing ruins a sledding hill schedule worse than a missing left.

Does your resort have a pool? Don’t forget their swimsuits. Lands’ End tankinis and swim trunks are available year-round, so it’s easy to replace last season’s well-worn favorite. Plus…growth spurts happen. Check to see if the old one even fits.

On to my better half's winter vacation essential...He gets hot when he is cutting wood and sledding with the kids. So, his down vest and long sleeved tees are definitely on the must-pack list. He loves Lands' End's Down Vest because it stays warm even when it gets wet. Plus, it dries quickly. I love it because it folds into its own pocket so it barely takes up any room in the suitcase, leaving me more space for my hair care products.

Aside from that, he'll need plenty of flannels: pajama pants and mens flannel shirts. It’s part of his travel uniform, along with a few pairs of jeans. Toss in a few T-shirts and we’re good. He’ll remember his own boots and snow pants, right?

Finally, it is my turn. I plan on sipping hot tea from the back deck of the cabin with my feet up and my skinny jeans on! I know I can count on Lands' End's jeans to be soft with stretch that allows them to hold their shape while I get comfortable. Jeans, a few tees, my favorite cashmere sweaters, throw in a few pairs of Starfish leggings and some flannel tunics to match and I'm all set.

But really, winter getaways are all about the outdoors. If everyone has their Squall Parkas, snow pants, boots and mittens, I’m not worried.