What to Pack for a Christmas Ski Trip

What to Pack for a Christmas Ski Trip

So, you've opened all the presents, eaten the last of the Christmas cookies, and tucked the fancy bows away for next year's present wrapping. The excitement of the holiday season is beginning to wear off, but there are still a few days left in your Christmas break. What do you do with all that extra time? Hit the slopes! Downhill skiing is a great wintertime activity that the whole family can get in on. Even if balance isn't your strong suit, curling up by the fire in the lodge with a cup of hot chocolate while the kiddos ski is a relaxing way to spend the rest of your vacation. Either way, you're going to want to pack the warmest, comfiest clothes you have. Here's what to put on your ski trip checklist.

Outerwear for the Slopes

Staying warm is key when it comes to wintertime activities, and downhill skiing is no different. When you're racing through the snow, cold wind on your face and whistling past your ears, it's important to keep as much skin covered as possible. Pair your warm down winter coat with a comfy fleece jacket to keep the heat in even after hours on the slopes. Layers are also a great option if temperatures are trending a little warmer on the day of your trip because you can shed a layer or two easily if you start to get too hot.

Protection for All Your Extremities

Anyone who has spent time outside during the winter can tell you that your fingers and toes are always the first things to get cold. This is because our bodies constrict blood vessels that are farther away from the heart in order to keep the most vital organs warm. This makes hands and feet susceptible to painful frostbite, which can ruin a Christmas vacation very quickly. When shopping for winter gloves, keep an eye out for options made out tough materials that won't soak through quickly and freeze your fingers. If you plan on skiing all day, stock up on disposable hand warmers or invest in reusable ones that you can heat up quickly before heading out. Don't worry too much about your winter boots, as you'll swap them out for ski boots once you get to the hill, but don't be afraid to spend a little extra on thick, high quality socks or wear multiple layers of socks at once. As silly as it sounds, it really does make a difference!

Ski Lodge Loungewear

Even the most hard core skiers and snowboarders need a break sometimes, so don't forget to bring your coziest loungewear for curling up by the fire. Slip on some active leggings and a warm, comfy sweatshirt and grab a mug of your favorite warm drink for a relaxing wind down after a long day on the slopes, or skip the activities altogether and soak in some me time while the rest of the crew is away. The best thing about loungewear like this is that it can also be worn in layers when out and about, so you aren't wasting precious suitcase space by packing your comfies. A pair of sporty can double as workout clothes if your ski resort has gym space or as pajamas if you plan on getting as much sleep as possible during the few precious days you have away from the usual sleep schedule.

Your Christmas Favorites

Just because the day itself has passed doesn't mean you have to shove your favorite festive sweaters back into their boxes so soon. Show off your holiday spirit by dressing your family up in their best Christmas garb and going out to dinner. Don't be afraid to get silly with it! Let your kids pick out their favorite Christmas sweaters and take some group photos while you have a gorgeous winter landscape to serve as your background. These will make great future Christmas card pictures or, at the very least, serve as a funny reminder of a fantastic winter vacation in the family photo album.

Hopefully, these ski trip checklist items will make your trip much more comfortable and fun!


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